A Q&A With the March Forward Song Contest Promotion Winner, SongBird The Goddess

“Dollar and A Dream” 
Written by Dayseana McNeal (aka SongBird The Goddess)
Interview by American Songwriter

SongBird The Goddess is the American Songwriter March Forward Song Contest Promotion winner with her song “Dollar and A Dream.” American Songwriter caught up with her to get the story behind the song.

How long have you been songwriting? 

I have been songwriting since I was at least 10 years old. I’ve had a deep passion for writing as well as singing my entire life.

Why did you enter American Songwriter’s March Forward Promotion?

I decided to enter this contest for the sole purpose of proving to myself that I have the strong ability to produce classic and empowering music. I felt that this would be a great challenge to my skills. Coming from Delaware, we don’t have many avenues or a market of music here but loads of talent. I was beyond excited to share this song with American Songwriter. 

What was the inspiration behind your song, “Dollar and A Dream”? 

The inspiration came from personal experience as a female artist. Industry wise, they want us to present ourselves a certain way to push an agenda. Most of us are aware of how fast success could come that way, but it would  take conforming our true selves as well as possibly going against our morals and values for that success. I believe that staying true to who you are is the main way to elevation and keeping your soul intact. “Dollar and a Dream” explains that no matter what I will not fall victim to the riches and fame, but keep the dream alive that I can push through obstacles without sacrificing my true spirit. I am not here to judge others in what they do in their routes to any achievement, and I too want the same respect. 

Who are your all-time favorite songwriters and why?

Oh my gosh where do I even start? (Smile) I’m just going to try and narrow it down to Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson, Bob Dylan, Babyface, and Missy Elliot. All these writers made timeless music that could resonate with anyone. Michael could make you dance, feel, and think about life more seriously. Bob Dylan is like America’s greatest songwriter, hands down. Babyface took R&B and love songs to a whole new level. Smokey was the face and pen behind Motown’s sound and some of the favorites we still listen to today! Missy Elliot is eclectic, unique, can sing and rap, as well as create bangers for girl groups and female artists that empower us or just a vibe for rolling out with your girls on the way to a party. Each of them had something about them and you can tell through the music. 

Are you planning to release any new music this year? 

I definitely have so much in store this year as far as new music. I am still promoting and pushing my sophomore album with my label FiftyShots, titled Goddess Flow, that I dropped in November of last year. It has been a success and “Dollar and a Dream” is a fan FAVORITE! This spring/summer I plan to debut the more fun side of my artistry with some upbeat songs and party vibes, but still with a conscious flow. I’m excited to see how my fanbase takes to this for sure! 

What would you tell other artists who are considering entering the contest?

Honestly, I’d tell every great writer I know around me to enter this contest. It gives a sense of accomplishment, acceptance, and definitely a confidence booster to yourself. I am beyond honored, and plan to take this achievement with the highest gratitude. I just can’t wait to start creating and writing more beautiful pieces of work. So, please keep an eye out for The Goddess! 

Check out the winning song below:

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