Zach Bryan Releases “Pink Skies” and Shares Details on Next Album ‘The Great American Bar Scene’

It has been eight months since Zach Bryan released his most recent EP, Boys of Faith, in September. As a result, his fans have been eagerly waiting for news on his upcoming album or new music. The Oklahoma native delivered both in the last 24 hours. Today, he released the first single from The Great American Bar Scene after sharing details about the release yesterday. Listen to “Pink Skies” below.

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Bryan penned and produced “Pink Skies.” He also enlisted Watchhouse, the folk duo formerly known as Mandolin Orange, to add backing vocals and mandolin to the track. Lyrically, the song looks at the passing of a family matriarch with her children coming back to their hometown to lay her to rest. The chorus hints that she raised a group of good kids who went on to do well for themselves. In it, Bryan sings, If you could see ‘em now, you’d be proud. / But you’d think they’s yuppies. / Your funeral was beautiful / I bet God heard you comin’.

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Zach Bryan Shares Details About “Pink Skies” and New Album

Most of Zach Bryan’s fans know that he lost his mother in 2016. As a result, many believed that he wrote “Pink Skies” about her passing. He debunked that on Twitter this morning. “Pink Skies wasn’t inspired by my story. Every time I sing about someone dying people assume it’s about my mom, this definitely was not,” he wrote in a post. “I just think all the dynamics in families are beautiful and interesting and generationally it’s a really cool thing,” he added.

Fans know that Bryan records and releases music at a breakneck pace. As a result, they’ve been itching for information about his next release. Yesterday, he shared a few details about The Great American Bar Scene.

“Guys I’m teasing nobody, I write and record music reckless and fast,” he wrote. “Just got the record finished so it’ll be dropped on someone’s head any day now,” he added. “I truly want to just say thank you for being so kind and patient. I’m really freaking grateful today.”

He also told fans that the new album will contain “16 songs and a poem.” He went on to describe how he feels about the album. “Proudest I’ve ever been of a piece of work.”

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