3 of the Best Stevie Nicks Duets–That Aren’t “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” or “Leather and Lace”

When thinking of timeless Stevie Nicks duets, the mind almost immediately goes to “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” with Tom Petty or “Leather and Lace” with Don Henley. While those collaborations are her most famous for a reason, they aren’t her only memorable team-ups. Find three lesser-known (but equally as stellar) Nicks duets, below.

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3 of the Best Stevie Nicks Duets

1. “Whenever I Call You Friend” (with Kenny Loggins)

Nicks’ collaboration with Kenny Loggins, “Whenever I Call You Friend,” starkly contrasts the Fleetwood Mac singer’s usual style. While most of her work with that band is on the vengeful side, this track feels buoyant and markedly sweet. There is an ease to the love this pair sang about–one that you won’t find anywhere on Nicks and Fleetwood Mac’s signature album, Rumours.

Whenever I call you friend
I begin to think I understand
Anything we are
You and I have always been ever and ever

2. “What Has Rock and Roll Ever Done For You” (with Dolly Parton)

For Dolly Parton’s latest album, Rockstar, she teamed up with Nicks on “What Has Rock and Roll Ever Done For You.” The song was originally passed over by Fleetwood Mac when Nicks first pitched it. All is well that ends well though, seeing as Nicks finally got to cut it with Parton in 2023.

She was a self-made woman, he’s a self-made man
And these two could really understand each other
Baby, baby
Answer the question
If you could do it all over again
Would you do it? about your profession

3. “Beautiful People Beautiful Problems” (with Lana Del Rey)

Lana Del Rey has never been shy about paying homage to past musical icons. Her entire persona is built around the golden age of Hollywood. Del Rey tapped Nicks for this track. Though it is Del Rey through and through, elements of Nicks’ solo sound are found throughout. It’s the perfect mix between these two artists’ styles.

But we’re just beautiful people
With beautiful problems, yeah
Beautiful problems, God knows we’ve got them
But we gotta try
Every day and night

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