3rd Place | “I Go Down”

3rd Place
“I Go Down”
Written by Brother Lou
Vienna, Virginia

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I go down, down in the valley
I go down, when the day is done
I go down, I’ve been so low
But I’m back with the rising sun

You’re the rock on which I land
But you see through me to my heart’s desires
I will not stand here and say “I’ve done no wrong”
And make us both out to be liars

I go down, and let it all hang out
I go down to a world of sin
I’ve been so low
But I find my way back to you again

Me and baby had the best-laid plans
But then I go and do the things I do
Forgive me darling if I hurt you
I’ll try harder next time to be true

I go down, I chase these demons
I go down, down to the abyss
I go down to where there is nothing
And when I’m there, there is nothing that I miss

I go down, down in the valley
I go down, where dreams will fall
I go down, I’ve been so low
Sometimes I wonder if I’ll make it back at all
Yes I wonder if you wouldn’t be better off

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