4 Grunge and Post-Grunge One-Hit Wonders From the 90s

When one thinks of music from the 1990s, one usually thinks of the great artists of the grunge and post-grunge eras. Nirvana and Alice In Chains are just a couple of examples. But what about the bands that delivered songs that were considered one-hit wonders? Let’s dive into four songs from grunge and post-grunge bands that were considered one-hit wonders in the 1990s! 

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1. “Far Behind” by Candlebox

This hit from Candlebox peaked at no. 4 on the Billboard US Rock chart in 1994. Their debut album from the previous year was similarly successful and went platinum four times. “Far Behind” was a top-notch ballad that showed how unique of a vocalist Kevin Martin was (and still is). And that guitar solo is still so memorable.

2. “Pretend That We’re Dead” by L7

L7 is still a beloved band among grunge fans today, but “Pretend That We’re Dead” had the kind of success worthy of a spot on our list of one-hit wonders. This 1992 hit reached no. 8 on the US Rock chart and is still a major earworm today. This song and the band behind it have since influenced a whole generation of female rock musicians, too.

3. “Closing Time” by Semisonic

“Closing Time” peaked at no. 1 on the US Rock chart in 1998, and for good reason. It’s a catchy, delightful little post-grunge tune that still has major listening power today. It’s a testament to Dan Wilson’s songwriting, which has since gone on to earn him a Grammy. He co-wrote Adele’s album 21, for Pete’s sake!

4. “The Freshmen” by The Verve Pipe

“The Freshmen” was released in 1997 and peaked at no. 1 on the US Rock chart. The song itself is lyrically rough, as it details love lost and overdosing on drugs. It’s a vulnerable, albeit miserable song, but it was definitely the band’s greatest hit.

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