4 Legendary Artists That Deserve a Biopic

Few things keep an artist’s memory going better than a biopic. A dramatized version of a musician’s life can help introduce their work to subsequent generations and/or provide detail about their story that even their biggest fans weren’t aware of.

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Though many legendary artists have already received the biopic treatment, there are many that still deserve to be put on that pedestal. Find four such artists, below.

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4 Legendary Artists That Deserve a Biopic

1. Patti Smith

Anyone who has read a Patti Smith book will know just how colorful her life has been. While her many artistic pursuits have given us more than enough information to imagine the expanse of Smith’s life, we’d love to see it on the big screen. From her romance with Robert Mapplethorpe to finding her footing in the art world, Smith’s life is fodder for an in-depth film.

2. Prince

On top of being a legendary musician, Prince was a singular man. Like many great artists, he had his idiosyncrasies–all of which would make for an interesting movie viewing. After getting into the nitty gritty of what made Prince tick, we’d love to see a few of his timeless performances through a cinematic lens.

3. Neil Young

The best biopics center around a polarizing figure. There’s a push and pull to those stories that is inexplicably exciting for the viewer. In folk, few figures are as polarizing as Neil Young. From his groundbreaking musical efforts (solo and otherwise) to his activism and political views, we think a Young biopic would be enticing.

4. Joni Mitchell

There is no one like Joni Mitchell. The listener can tell how colorful her life has been from her music alone. Everything about Mitchell has been era-defining–from her unique musical direction to her buzzy romances. We’re crossing our fingers that someone takes the initiative on the Mitchell biopic front soon.

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