4 No Doubt Songs That Stood the Test of Time

It’s unclear whether or not No Doubt will be getting back together soon, though their 2024 Coachella performance was absolutely killer. We may just have to accept that their current discography is all that remains of the once-great ska punk band. That being said, their discography is really something. And many of their greatest hits still resonate with listeners today. Let’s explore a few No Doubt songs that stood the test of time!

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1. “Just A Girl”

When it comes to No Doubt songs that stood the test of time, “Just A Girl” has to be at the top of the list. This song came out in 1995 and goes in and out of popularity every few years. It’s been a bop on TikTok for months. It certainly makes sense why. It’s an unbelievably catchy song, a feminist anthem, and just plain fun to listen to.

2. “Trapped In A Box”

This is one of No Doubt’s best anthems, and it’s still one of their most fun tracks today. The song is all about feeling trapped by the box society and stereotypes trap us in. It’s classic, good ol’ ska punk at its finest and most danceable.

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3. “Sunday Morning”

During an era where breakup songs were virtually everywhere, No Doubt put a unique spin on the grieving process with “Sunday Morning”. Instead of taking on a revenge narrative or a sappy I-want-him back sort of spin, this track explores what it’s like the morning after a breakup when the time comes to gain some confidence and accept that your ex was an a-hole. Musically, it’s the perfect blend of punk and ska.

4. “It’s My Life”

This song was originally produced by Talk Talk back in the mid-1980s. However, No Doubt managed to breathe new life into the song. It’s a contemporary cover of a classic art-rock hit, and No Doubt managed to do it justice and make it their own.

Photo courtesy of the No Doubt “Hey Baby” music video on YouTube

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