4 of the Best Country Breakup Songs of All Time

There’s nothing like a country breakup song. Something about the genre specifically just wiggles its way into your heart when you need it most. There are so many great country breakup songs out there; but if we had to pick four of the best, we’d pick the following four hits. 

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1. “I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton

Any list of the best country breakup songs ever should have “I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton in the mix. The track was originally penned as a heartfelt goodbye to her former collaborator, Porter Wagoner. He convinced Parton to let him produce the song, and it became a massive hit back in 1974.

2. “Stay” by Sugarland

“Stay” is one of many killer tracks from country duo Sugarland, but this song in particular showcases some serious vocal talent from Jennifer Nettles. It won a Grammy back in 2009, and the music video is similarly well-done.

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3. “Blue Eye Crying In The Rain” by Willie Nelson

This 1975 song from Willie Nelson is probably the most well-known country breakup song of all time. It’s a classic, moody, and gloomy track from the iconic album Red Headed Stranger. It’s gained a reputation through the years as a track to listen to when you’re feeling heartbroken.

4. “The Dance” by Garth Brooks

This Garth Brooks hit from 1989 is unique in its emotional maturity. Many country breakup songs (or breakup songs in general) have a tinge or more of resentment to them. “The Dance” is about a man who is in a state of peace after the end of a relationship and feels joy over the fact that he even got to experience it. It’s a positive, well-written ballad.

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