4 of the Most Covered Beatles Songs of All Time

The Beatles are the most-covered artists of all time, and it makes sense why. They’re the biggest band of the 20th century, and they popped out hit after hit before they finally disbanded in 1974. These are four of the most covered Beatles songs of all time, and we can expect their numbers to just keep growing!

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It’s worth noting that internet lore asserts that “Yesterday” is the band’s most covered song of all time. However, it’s widely believed that this record is outdated and inaccurate.

1. “Here, There And Everywhere”

This 1966 hit from Revolver has been covered 562 times (as of 2023). The track was penned by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. McCarney is on record saying that “Here, There And Everywhere” is one of Lennon’s favorites that McCartney composed. One of the most famous covers of the song was done by Davis Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame, where the right amount of psychedelia was added to the already dreamy track.

2. “Something”

Finally, George Harrison gets some love! “Something” was written by George Harrison in 1969 and has been officially covered more than 567 times as of 2023. It’s one of the biggest fan-favorite tracks from Abbey Road. It was covered by big names like Frank Sinatra, though Harrison himself said in his biography that he wasn’t “particularly thrilled” about it.

3. “Hey Jude”

Obviously, “Hey Jude” was going to make this list. The 1968 track has been covered 568 times as of 2023, and it’s one of the biggest Beatles songs of all time. It’s one of their best tunes about fellowship and unity, so it makes sense why so many artists and fans alike would resonate with it. Wilson Pickett’s version was one popular cover, as were the versions from Tom Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Ross, and (ironically) Elvis.

4. “Let It Be”

“Let It Be” is the most covered Beatles song of all time. It’s also generally considered the most covered song of all time, period. This 1969 song has been covered a whopping 577 times as of 2023. Lennon and McCartney wrote it, and it’s truly the best example of both musicians’ songwriting ability. It’s become a timeless classic that will likely gain even more covers in the future. A few popular artists who covered “Let It Be” include Ray Charles, John Denver, Aretha Franklin, Guns N’ Roses, Bill Withers, and many more.

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