4 Songs for People Who Say They Don’t Like Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson’s career has been a long and full one ever since she won American Idol back in 2002. Still, she’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Here are four less popular songs from Kelly Clarkson that might change the minds of people who say they don’t like her music.

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1. “Before Your Love”

This sweet and sentimental track from 2003 is one of the best from early on in her career. If you don’t like Kelly Clarkson’s bigger hits, you might enjoy this gem. “Before Your Love” puts Clarkson’s vocal talent on full display. American Idol didn’t even show off what she could truly do with her voice like this song (and album) did.

2. “The Trouble With Love Is”

Another solid track from 2003, “The Trouble With Love Is” blends genres in a way that Clarkson hadn’t really done before. Known more for her country-pop-leaning tunes, Clarkson blended a typical pop foundation with blues-inspired vocals on this song.

3. “Never Again”

“Never Again” made it pretty far toward the top of the Billboard charts, though it didn’t get as much acclaim as hits like “Stronger” or “Since U Been Gone”. Still, this track from the 2007 album My December breathed new life into the years-old trend of breakup anthems with a vengeful twist. Nobody was doing it quite like Clarkson back in the early aughts.

4. “Love So Soft”

This is one of Clarkson’s newer tracks, and it deserves a bit more love than it got when it was released in 2017. It’s your typical pop song with great vocals from Clarkson, and it was an interesting diversion from her usual brand of pop music. Anyone can make a pop record, but few can deliver the singing range that Clarkson has.

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