4th Place | “Brilliant Little Actress”

4th Place

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“Brilliant Little Actress”
Rob Chewning
Roanoke, Virginia

She’s a brilliant little actress
But you won’t see her T.V.
No you won’t see her on the big screen
This performance is for me
Yet she ought to win an Oscar
She knows every lie by heart
She’s a brilliant little actress
And the show’s about to start

Here comes my baby, enter stage right
And I ask her where she was all last night
Then take my seat down on the front row
And get ready for the action
I’ve seen previews for this show

She’s a brilliant little actress
Put her star up on the door
Put her name up on the marquee
Shine a light down on the floor
I’ll pretend that she’s on broadway
As the curtain starts to fall
I think her farewell performance
Was my favorite one of all

She’s a brilliant little actress
That’s never been to Hollywood
But I know they’d love to see her
When the drama’s getting good
And if she needs a leading man
I’ll be waiting for my cue
‘Cause she’ll be so surprised to find
I’ve done my share of acting too


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