5 Songs That Will Remind You of Growing up in Appalachia

Growing up in Appalachia is an experience unlike any other. From the rich cultural American heritage of Appalachian people to the vibrant natural settings that cover every pocket of the Appalachian Mountains, many people who leave the region often feel nostalgic for it. Here are a few songs that will remind you of your childhood in Appalachia!

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1. “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver

This is one of the most well-known and well-loved anthems of Appalachia itself. The melody is straight-up addictive, and the heartfelt lyrics from Denver paint a beautiful picture of what makes Appalachia so easy to love. The song is like a hug for natives of the region, and a karaoke must-sing for everyone else.

2. “Fire In The Hole” by Hazel Dickens

Hazel Dickens was one of the Appalachian region’s most beloved bluegrass singer/songwriters. One of her most memorable tracks was “Fire In The Hole”. It’s a pro-union anthem that is undeniably Appalachian, and Dickens’ shaky vocals and iconic voice are easy to recognize for those who grew up in West Virginia.

3. “Shake The Frost” by Tyler Childers

This is one of the more modern Appalachia songs on our list, but it deserves its spot. Childers hails from the heart of Appalachia and it is evident in his music, especially this track. “Shake The Frost” is a soul-packed ballad about the struggles and triumphs of living in a small town. It’s a great little gem for anyone who wants to reconnect with their Appalachian roots.

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4. “Fox On The Run” by Country Gentlemen

You can’t have an Appalachian nostalgia playlist without “Fox On The Run” by Country Gentlemen. This song has a healthy down-home dose of bluegrass that could make the heart of any Appalachian native sing. It’s toe-tappingly catchy and a great song for transporting yourself back into simpler times with simpler music and good company.

5. “Fishin’ In The Dark” by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

This is one of those feel-good Appalachian anthems that remind the listener of simpler times. Whether you miss those summertime nights spent looking up at the stars or fishing in a mountain stream as a child, this is a track that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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