7 Legendary Albums You Didn’t Know Feature Mick Jagger

Rock icon Mick Jagger is best known as the frontman fixture of the Rolling Stones, the great showman who brings power and energy to the legendary rock outfit. That charisma not only has a pull, but it also has reach, far extending past the Stones and into great works by other great artists.

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Even in the background, Jagger’s intensity and spirit have elevated a number of hit records. Below are seven legendary albums you may not have known feature Mick Jagger.

1. Magical Mystery Tour – The Beatles

The Rolling Stone frontman appears on the Beatles’ double album Magical Mystery Tour, which features the soundtrack to the television film of the same name.

Jagger added vocals to the choral-punctuated televised tune, “All You Need Is Love.” Keith Richards, Marianne Faithfull, Keith Moon, Eric Clapton, the then-Pattie Boyd Harrison, Graham Nash, and many more stars also added backing vocals to the song.

2. The Sun, Moon & Herbs – Dr. John

Jagger offered his vocal stylings to the track “Where Ya at Mule” on Dr. John’s 1971 album The Sun, Moon & Herbs. Guitar virtuoso Clapton also lent his chops to the projects.

3. Victory – the Jacksons

The Jacksons’ 1984 album Victory featured Jagger’s vocals on the track “State of Shock.”

Michael Jackson had originally recorded the song as a duet with Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. When they were unable to complete the track, Jackson recorded a different version with Jagger.

4. The Long Black Veil – The Chieftains

Jagger is featured on the title track of The Chieftains’ 1995 album, The Long Black Veil.

The Rolling Stones frontman was in good company on the album which contained star-studded collaborations with the likes of Marianne Faithfull, Mark Knopfler, Sinéad O’Connor, Tom Jones, Van Morrison, and many more.

5. I’ve Got My Own Album to Do – Ron Wood

Before his days as a Rolling Stone himself, Ronnie Wood released his 1974 solo debut. Another legend-heavy record, Jagger can be heard lending his harmonies to the tracks “I Can Feel the Fire” and “Am I Grooving You” as the rest of the album features assistance from Harrison, David Bowie, and Rod Stewart. Jagger also appears on Wood’s 1979 solo album, Gimme Some Neck.

6. Vivid – Living Colour

Jagger not only helped to produce a handful of tracks on Living Colour’s 1988 debut, but he also lent some of his skills. He can be heard on the harmonica in the song, “Broken Hearts,” and his backing vocals elevate the track “Glamour Boys.”

7. Love and War – Brad Paisley

Jagger made a brief appearance on Brad Paisley’s 2017 release, Love and War. He was featured on the track “Drive of Shame” and also provided rhythm guitar and tambourine to the album.

John Fogerty, Timbaland, and Bill Anderson were also featured on the record alongside Jagger.

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