8 Legendary Albums You Didn’t Know Feature Glenn Frey

Over his nearly 50-year career, there was seemingly no end to Glenn Frey’s musical talent. He was a longtime member of the Eagles, a chart-topping solo artist, a songwriter to the best, and he even played in the background of some pretty iconic records. Here are 9 legendary albums that feature the musical stylings of the great Glenn Frey.

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1. Stranger in Town – Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band

Frey lent his guitar chops to Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band’s iconic Stranger in Town. He can be heard soloing on the track “Till It Shines.” He was also featured on several other of Seger’s albums like Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man and Against the Wind.

2. But Seriously, Folks… – Joe Walsh

Frey made an appearance on former bandmate Joe Walsh’s hit album, But Seriously, Folks…, lending background vocals to the song “Inner Tube.”

3. Heart Like a Wheel – Linda Ronstadt

Frey can be heard playing acoustic guitar on “You Can Close Your Eyes” on Linda Ronstadt’s Heart Like a Wheel. He also lent his skills to several other of Ronstadt’s records, like her self-titled release and the album Don’t Cry Now.

4. For Everyman – Jackson Browne

Frey’s harmonies can be found on Jackson Browne’s “Redneck Friend” from his album For Everyman. He was in good company on Jackson’s release that saw appearances from guests like David Crosby, Elton John, Don Henley, Joni Mitchell, and Bonnie Raitt.

5. Black Rose – J. D. Souther

Frey appeared on longtime collaborator J. D. Souther’s Black Rose, lending his vocals, guitar chops, and piano skills.

6. Souvenirs – Dan Fogelberg

Frey’s backing vocals can be heard in Dan Fogelberg’s album Souvenirs, specifically on the track, “Someone’s Been Telling You Stories.”

7. Warren Zevon – Warren Zevon

His skills were put on display in Warren Zevon’s self-titled album. The rhythm guitar and harmony vocals on “Carmelita” were all him, and his vocals can also be heard on “The French Inhaler.” Frey also appeared on Zevon’s later release, Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School.

8. Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter – Joni Mitchell

Alongside J.D. Souther, Frey provided backing vocals on Joni Mitchell’s “Off Night Backstreet” from her album, Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter.

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