A.I. Rewrites Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Under the Bridge” from the Perspective of a Troll

“Under the Bridge,” the 1992 song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, is one of the band’s best-known songs and one of the best odes to Los Angeles.

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Of course, the song depicts frontman Anthony Kiedis’ time as a drug user, living and using the stuff under an actual bridge. It’s a tragic story that actually has a happy ending: Kiedis got out from the weight of drug use and now is better than ever. (To wit, his band released two albums in 2022)

But this epic song got us thinking: what if “Under the Bridge” was written… by a troll? That fictitious storybook creature who gave the three billy goats gruff such problems. So, we asked our ol’ pal ChatGPT to see what A.I. thought the song would entail.

Let’s dive in below.

“Where I Dwell”

(Verse 1)
Sometimes I lurk beneath the bridge,
In shadows, unseen, like a billy goat’s myth.
I’m a real troll, misunderstood, you see,
Living where no one wants to be.

Under the bridge, that’s where I dwell,
A creature of darkness with stories to tell.
I’m the troll, the guardian of this place,
In solitude, I find my solace and embrace.

(Verse 2)
When travelers pass, they fear my wrath,
But they don’t know the toll of my lonely path.
I yearn for connection, a touch of grace,
But they scurry away, quickening their pace.

Under the bridge, my refuge remains,
Hiding from sunlight, escaping their disdain.
I’m the troll, misunderstood and scorned,
In this realm of trolls, my heart feels torn.

Oh, how I long for a billy goat’s dance,
To bridge the gap, give my heart a chance.
But they cross with caution, prepared to fight,
Never seeing the tenderness beneath my might.

(Verse 3)
Through the ages, I’ve guarded this bridge,
Listening to the echoes of their fearful whispers.
Yet deep down, a gentle spirit resides,
Seeking acceptance, where the light abides.

Under the bridge, where shadows grow,
I’m the troll, seeking a love that’ll glow.
Yearning to find my place in the tale,
A billy goat’s laughter, a love that won’t fail.

So next time you pass, dare to look my way,
See beyond the fables, and let kindness sway.
For even trolls can dream of love’s sweet tune,
Under the bridge, where hope’s light can bloom.


The song is a lot sadder than perhaps many expected. Usually, a troll is aggressive, angry, and ready to bite someone’s head off. But the fictional bot troll has a softer side. The key lines begin in verse two, with the A.I. troll offering When travelers pass, they fear my wrath / But they don’t know the toll of my lonely path / I yearn for connection, a touch of grace / But they scurry away, quickening their pace.

The misunderstood troll continues in the chorus, saying, Under the bridge, my refuge remains / Hiding from sunlight, escaping their disdain.

In a way, perhaps this is how Kiedis felt: grotesque, unwanted, unloved. But really, he wasn’t a monster. He was someone in search of something. And while drugs weren’t the path forward, in the end, Kiedis was never the fearsome person perhaps passersby assumed.

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