Jelly Roll Shares His Controversial Path to Sobriety

Recovery and sobriety look different for everyone. For some, it means completely abstaining from drugs, alcohol, and other mind-altering substances. For others—like Jelly Roll—it means staying away from hard drugs while still partaking in things like cannabis or alcohol.

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Jelly Roll has a history of substance abuse and other bad decisions. In recent years, he has made several positive changes in his life. Those changes include getting healthier and putting down the hard drugs. During a recent interview with Taste of Country Nights, the “Save Me” singer talked about how ganja helps him stay away from the harder stuff.

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Jelly Roll Talks Sobriety

While talking about his sobriety, Jelly Roll revealed his thoughts on cannabis. “I get in trouble for this all the time but my stance on marijuana will always be the same,” he said. “I believe marijuana has helped me in so many regards with my anxiety,” he added. “This is a hot-button topic, truly, but marijuana has kept me sober.”

He’s right. Using marijuana is a hot-button topic in the recovery community. Some purists will say those who still use cannabis are a “relapse waiting for a place to happen.” Others just write those individuals off as “not sober.” However, there is a growing number of people who lean on the psychoactive effects of pot to help keep them away from other substances.

“I think in a world without weed, Jelly Roll’s drinking c*deine and popping X*nax and snorting c*caine again. But a world with weed, I’ll be alright,” the “Halfway to Hell” singer explained. “I know that I have friends that don’t do that. I have friends that are in the program that are totally against any mind-altering anything, I respect that,” he said. He added, “I have so much respect for those people. That’s just not how my sobriety worked out.”

It seems that Jelly Roll has found something akin to being “California sober.” More than the title of a Billy Strings and Willie Nelson duet, being California sober means quitting hard drugs and alcohol in favor of cannabis. Some also indulge in psychedelics from time to time.

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