Adorama Music Debuts Amplified, A New Artist Spotlight Series

In the last decade retail music stores have expanded beyond a place for buying gear and become a creative outlet for new artists to perform their original material and talk shop.

Adorama Music, a giant web retail outlet with an NYC brick and mortar location, recently debuted two new series: Amplified and Amplified: Behind The Music, which focus on performances and a discussion on finding the right tools for music creation.
Faezaria on Adorama Music's Amplified

The Amplified series features today’s inspirational and influential musicians performing live recording sessions of their original songs. Indie artists Faezaria performs her original "Think About You" on a Fender Billie Eilish ukulele in the video above.

The first six artists featured are:

Raquel Lily: Original songs “Heartstrings” and “No Matter What”
Josh Turner: Original songs “Like Lightning” and “Introduction”
The Other Favorites: Original songs “New York Town” and “Have Mercy”
Faezaria: Original songs “Think About You”, “Sunshine”, and “Don’t Wanna Know”
Richie Quake: Original songs “Weight”, “Nothing In My Head” and “Lonely Heart”
Bonomo: Original songs “Water”, “Repeating” and “Dear City”

Faezaria performs "Think About You" on a Fender Billie Eilish ukulele for Adorama Amplified series

Amplified: Behind the Music gives viewers an insight into each musician, plus an exclusive look at the filming of the Amplified music videos. It showcases the musical instruments and other audio gear used by the featured musicians and Adorama Music’s resident sound engineer, Julian Evans.

In the video below featuring the band Bonomo, Evans walks through the gear setup, which include Radial DI boxes, Neuman KM184 and Shure SM81 mics, Sennheiser in-ear monitors and more. It’s a good tutorial on how to set up a basic three-person live recording session.

Bonomo on Adorama Music's Amplified: Behind The Music

Other artists in the Behind The Music series include:

Raquel Lily
The Other Favorites
Richie Quake

You can check out other artists on Adorama Music’s YouTube channel here.

Buy Neuman KM184 from Adorama here:

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