American Idol’s Jack Blocker Smashes Willie Nelson Cover on the Red Headed Stranger’s Birthday

Jack Blocker has had an interesting character arc on American Idol. The 25-year-old graphic artist gained early attention for his now-viral facial expressions while performing. In fact, those facial expressions nearly ended his Idol journey before it began, as judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie nixed his audition. At the American Idol crew’s unprecedented urging, Richie changed his vote, giving Blocker new life in the competition. And the Texan has seized his second chance, delivering one powerful performance after another. On Monday (April 29), Blocker delivered yet another powerful performance.

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Jack Blocker Wows the Crowd on ‘American Idol’

The iconic Willie Nelson turned 91 years old Monday (April 29.) It was fitting, then, that Blocker selected Nelson’s 1982 hit “Always On My Mind.”

“Jack. Jack. JACK! You amaze me every single time,” one fan wrote on X/Twitter.

During Sunday’s (April 28) episode, the remaining contestants vied for their spot in the top 8 by performing a hit from the year they were born. Blocker chose Cher’s 1998 hit, “Believe.” But as with most of his previous performances, he found a way to make it his own. In Blocker’s hands, the anthemic electro-pop original became a mesmerizing country number. By the time he tackled the final note, everyone watching believed in life after love.

An astonished Richie called Blocker “Mr. Magic Man.” He praised him for continually reinventing himself while still managing to carve out his own unique sound.

“The fact that you did Cher was a big stretch, but you pulled it off,” the “Hello” singer said.

Perry further praised the singer-songwriter for “taking a dance song that is so Cher and making it Jack Blocker.”

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“You got this,” the “Firework” singer said.

Bryan urged Blocker to “have fun with it.” “If you hit a bad note, I think everybody kind of loves you already,” the “Knockin’ Boots” singer said. “Just leave it all out here on the stage every week.”

In the end, though, it was up to the viewers — and they voted Blocker into the top 8.

Jack Blocker Made Katy Perry Apologize

Blocker’s Idol journey is all the more inspiring when you recall that he was never supposed to make it to Hollywood Week. After he auditioned with an original number, “I Was Wrong,” Perry pointed out his “bad habits” and shot him down, along with Richie.

However, Bryan rallied the crew for support, and Richie changed his vote to send Blocker through to Hollywood Week. Since then, he has continually proven his undeniable talent. After a particularly stunning performance of Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right,” Perry finally admitted her mistake. “I think I was wrong,” the “California Gurls” singer said. “You are the coolest.”

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