Jack Blocker Is More Than His Viral Facial Expressions—He May Be the ‘American Idol’ Favorite

American Idol contestant Jack Blocker wasn’t supposed to be here. Both Katy Perry and Lionel Richie shot down the 25-year-old graphic artist from Dallas, Texas, during audition week. However, judge Luke Bryan was able to look past Blocker’s twisted facial expressions and see his true potential as a musician. The contestant’s rejection inspired the show’s first-ever “managerial mutiny.” At the American Idol crew’s urging, Richie changed his vote, giving Blocker new life in the competition.

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“Everybody can’t be wrong about Jack,” Richie told the Texan.

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‘American Idol’ Fans Impressed With Jack Blocker

Blocker still hadn’t gotten his facial expressions under control by Sunday (March 31.) However, most American Idol viewers were too blown away by his take on Hank Williams’ “Your Cheatin’ Heart” to care.

“Jack has been my favorite thus far. Regardless of the facial expressions, that boy can SANG,” one user wrote on X/Twitter.

Some Idol fans were still on edge from Blocker’s narrow miss during audition week. “Jack’s facial expressions just seem to add more passion to his vocals,” one X/Twitter user wrote. “Katy better not screw this one up!”

Another user simply saw Blocker’s facial contortions as “stretching into those notes with his face.” “Some velvet, some gravel, and a lotta range flipping into falsetto,” they wrote. “Love his passion.”

One viewer wrote, “Jack is one of my favourites! Reminds me of Phillip Phillips!” High praise, considering the Georgia singer-songwriter took home the season 11 crown.

Blocker even logged onto social media to poke fun at himself. “Yup fixed the face!” the 25-year-old wrote in an Instagram comment.

Season 22 Brings A New Twist

Each new season of American Idol brings changes. Season 22 is no exception. This year’s Hollywood Week introduced Idol Arena. All 143 singers gathered in the arena, with the judges culling the group to only 56 people. This will mark one of the biggest cuts in Idol history.

“We’re putting ’em through the gauntlet,” judge Luke Bryan said in a post to X/Twitter Sunday (March 30.)

The twist appeared to have done its job for some viewers. “Idol Arena is brutal,” one X/Twitter user wrote.

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