American Songwriter Just Released its Own Social Network, Here’s Why it Matters

American Songwriter Magazine’s premiere issue featuring Merle Haggard (pictured below) was released in August of 1984.  Since then, American Songwriter has grown into the authentic home for news, education, and coaching for songwriters, musicians, and music enthusiasts it is today. 

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American Songwriter’s members have enjoyed getting the bi-monthly magazine delivered to their door among other benefits, but recently we realized that something was missing: the ability to immerse yourself in the music community.

american songwriter membership hub social network

What initially sparked this idea?

Most songwriters aren’t immersed in a community full of like-minded people. With that, their writer’s desk can be a very lonely place: especially for people who don’t live in Nashville, New York, or LA. 

We’re so fortunate to have such talented and passionate readers across the globe. American Songwriter’s mission is to provide a home for songwriters, and we want it to be a place where you can meet people like yourself, share your work, and grow. Before now, there hasn’t really been a central place for everyone to come together. 

To fill this need, American Songwriter has just launched the Membership Hub. In it, you can share what you’re working on, post about collaboration opportunities, like and comment on posts, directly message fellow members, read digital issues, access exclusive video content, and more. 

How can songwriters get involved?

In addition to our ongoing membership offers, we’re offering a 2 Week Free Community Pass. The 2 Week Pass is to encourage everyone to check out the new membership hub and grow it with us.

If you’re interested in getting a 2 Week Free Pass, you should get it now because the offer ends on April 20, 2022, at midnight. 

What have members said so far?

We’re really pleased with the response from the American Songwriter Community. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback and great ideas to improve the experience. We’re really excited about this new platform and can’t wait to grow this community with everyone.

Shoutout to American Songwriter for making a social media platform for us… I shall retain my membership.

Michael S, Master Member

American Songwriter has given us an outlet to float our songs with our peers. It is thrilling to think that we can post our work and be assessed by our peers without fear of ridicule and a fairness that we only receive from our circle of friends and loved ones who never criticise and only think we are wonderful.

AS, thank you for this platform and long may you continue to give us this forum to share our hopes and dreams.

Michael J, Rockstar Member

Wow imagine connecting to a community of songwriters THIS big. Kinda cool.

Mark L, Rockstar Member

“Magically stumbled into this website today. Just posted the first song I have written and had produced. I would love all feedback”

Christine M, Legendary Member

How do you see the program evolving?

We want everyone to build this community with us. All the pioneers who join the membership hub have the exclusive opportunity to shape the future of this experience by providing their ideas and feedback. We also have new member benefits on the product road map, offering mentor sessions to members.

Is the membership hub only for new members?

No, we already have thousands of members who are actively engaging with each other in the new Membership Hub. Existing members who haven’t already created their profile in the hub can join by going to this page and logging in

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