The 25 Best Garth Brooks Quotes

In terms of popularity and name recognition, it doesn’t get much bigger than Garth Brooks.

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The man has sold out more stadiums than the Dallas Cowboys. Wearing his big cowboy hat and microphone headset, Brooks has wowed massive audiences all over the world.

He’s also one of the most emotional and thoughtful men in the genre, all of which American Songwriter covered in a recent cover story with the superstar.

But what are the other sides to Brooks’ life? What does he think about love, his art form, his passion, and his curiosity? That’s the subject of this inquiry here.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the top 25 Garth Brooks Quotes.

1. “Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.”

2. “You aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy.”

3. “Happiness isn’t getting what you want, it’s wanting what you got.”

4. “Just keep taking chances and having fun.”

5. “Stand straight, walk proud, have a little faith.”

6. “The greatest conflicts are not between two people but between one person and himself.”

7. “Here’s my whole marketing idea: treat people the way you want to be treated.”

8. “You can’t succeed if you don’t know what losing is.”

9. “There’s a difference between knowing what’s on the page in a history book and actually feeling that page have curves and valleys.”

10. “I wouldn’t trade a thing. Even the troubles that I had. I have become the husband and mate to my wife that I have because of what I went through, including the bad times. I wouldn’t trade that.”

11. “Why I got into music was James Taylor, so to see him be a real down-to-earth guy that’s unbelievably talented… then to hear him sing those lyrics of ‘What I’m Thankful For,’ which is a song Ms. Yearwood and I got to write together, that was definitely a highlight of my recording life.”

12. “People aren’t always themselves. They’re always holding back something.”

13. “I don’t care if people remember Garth Brooks.”

14. “The most important days, more than any Grammy award thing or anything, is the day that you’re responsible for snacks after the game.”

15. “I spend most of my time at concerts hoping for that one second that the artist looks at me, I look at the artist, and that’s when I get to say, ‘Thank you.'”

16. “One of the greatest gifts we have is our own mistakes and somebody singing about them.”

17. “Music keeps you eternally young. It just does.”

18. “No matter what you say you might do, you never really know until you’re in the moment. Every situation is so different.”

19. “My hardest thing was to let go, to be happy for everybody and just to enjoy. And go back to being what you were before you became an artist, and that was just a fan.”

20. “Nashville, there’s people that are ten times more talented than me, ten times better singer than me, songwriter than me, but for some reason, you get the ball, and now—and now you run with it. And you do the best you can.”

21. “If we see too much of one person, even though we like that person, we start to kind of pull for other people.”

22. “Once you’ve figured out how to wait on people and clean toilets, it makes you very mindful of how you treat the people who are serving you.”

23. “What you do on tour is you build this ‘You and me against the world’ thing.”

24. “There’s always hunger to create because I believe that’s what I do. I believe that’s what I’m supposed to be doing.”

25. “Country music is what is sincere; that’s the main thing.”

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