Austin Burke Drops Drift-Worthy Summer Songs “Nowhere To Go,” and “Sinkin’ In”

Newcomer Austin Burke dropped the perfect summer soundtrack with two new songs, “Nowhere To Go” and Sinkin’ In,” both out now.

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“Nowhere To Go” is a drifty mid-tempo tune backed by Caribbean-inspired guitar riffs that find the crooner taking time to relax—while sipping Kahlúa in his coffee. If there ever was a seasonally sound staple, this is it.

I got nowhere to go and all day to get there / taking my time, ain’t taking no shit / I got nothing to do and all day to do it / I might go out or I might stay in / I got no worries, I ain’t got a care / I got nowhere to go and all day to get there, he sings in the chorus.

The tune perfectly encapsulates a moment of ‘slow down’—the type of day we all strive for, but rarely make happen. Penned solely by Burke, “Nowhere to Go” is the ideal sonic backdrop for a day floating out on the lake, or laying out on the beach. 

On “Sinkin’ In,” an upbeat country rock anthem, Burke taps co-writers Brandon Day and Marv Green to tell the story of a man coming to terms with a love lost. 

I’m standing here like a deer in the taillights / she left a note signed ‘XO, goodbye’ / she gone for good and it’s just sinkin’ in, he sings.

Though opposite ends of the lyrical spectrum, both tunes feature Burke’s trademark baritone vocals and the “tell it like it is” approach to storytelling he’s known for. 

Burke recently made news when he announced he’d be giving 15 percent of his masters to co-writers on all future releases—a move made with the hopes that it would inspire other artists to do the same. Following the success of his 2017 release, “Whole Lot In Love,” (to date, the song has 65 million streams on Spotify alone), Burke saw the disparity between what he made as an artist and what the co-writers, integral to the song’s inception, made.

“I’ve been able to live off of streaming money, but then I look at my songwriter friends and they’re working three jobs,” Burke told Forbes. “The divide and the separation of money is not fair right now.”

The new releases are Burke’s third and fourth of the year. He also released singles “Take My Life” and “Let It Burn,” as well as the EP Changed Everything.

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