Axl Rose Explores His Feelings

One thing you can’t take away from Guns N’ Roses’ singer Axl Rose — the man is articulate.

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One thing you can’t take away from Guns N’ Roses’ singer Axl Rose — the man is articulate.

In a new AOL interview, conducted with his road manager and former music journalist, Del James, Rose spouts at length about Chinese Democracy, why the original GNR will never reunite, and his tastes in drum sounds. In great detail, and with nary a curse word in sight.

On a potential reunion of the classic lineup, Rose says:

It’s not some place I want to be or have any interest in being. If I believed in it in regard to the music, not in direction so much but in how it feels and to what degree, then maybe it’d be another story. I’m in no way trying to be offensive to anyone here, and I’m allowed to have my own feelings in regard to what inspires me, not someone else. Other than a one-off or something, I don’t really do songs because someone else likes them.

Read the entire interview here.


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  1. the record has been out for 12 weeks and is #123 on the charts. axl better hurry up with these promotion stunts or the album will never survive

  2. promotion stunt? the man has barely given an interviews for the past decade and hasnt made one public appearance since the album was released. now that he finally speaks, its going to be labelled a promotion stunt?

    if he was interested in promotion, there are standard ways of doing it. he has been silent a long time. he has the right to get a few things off his chest. slash was bashing axl constantly when contraband was released. nobody labelled that a promotion stunt.

    Chinese Democracy is a very good album indeed. in the final analysis, the music speaks for itself.

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