Daily Discovery: Karissa Ella Refuses to Believe This Will Be a “Bad Summer”

Right when the thick of the summertime heat started to roll in, singer/songwriter Karissa Ella released her single “Bad Summer” (June 11). In a classic mix of strong kick drum beats and snappy lyrics, Ella raises her listeners’ spirit with an optimistic outlook for the upcoming season. Especially with last summer in mind, “Bad Summer” is a welcome sound. 

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“Unfortunately last summer, we couldn’t have tailgates and didn’t get to see our favorite artists in concert. So, we had our own safe, socially distant concerts that consisted of listening to music around a bonfire. We all made the best of the situation and that’s what this song is all about,” Ella tells American Songwriter. “I wanted to give my fans an awesome summer song after this crazy year. I want to remind them that nothing can ruin your summer. Not even a pandemic!” 

Ella created this single with friends Alex Seier and Tony McVaney while they reminisced on the times where the sunshine was bright and the drinks were overflowing. The Ohio native specified that the lyrics which embody this sentiment appear in the opening lines of the chorus: Kickin’ in a parking lot, headlights on, rockin’ like a stadium of solo cups, stompin’ hard to every kick drum

“I love these lines because they are so fun and true,” Ella said. “If you are a country music fan, you are always drinking, screaming the lyrics and stompin’ to the music!”

“Bad Summer” follows Ella’s country cover EP titled The Acoustic Sessions. Her single clearly defines a new phase of the rising artist’s capabilities as she ventures further into the depths of her songwriting. “At first, I was scared to write my own songs and collaborate with others. Songwriting requires vulnerability and it took me a second to open up,” Ella said.

She continued, “I learned very quickly that the best songs are always the ones from the heart. I find inspiration through everything, especially my friends and family. As an artist, there is something about being a part of the writing process that makes the song so special. I love watching fans sing along to my songs that I had so much fun creating.”

Listen to Karissa Ella’s “Bad Summer” below.  

Photo Credit: Justin Mayotte

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