Behind the Meaning of “Better Days” by Zach Bryan and John Mayer

Zach Bryan and John Mayer recently teamed up for an inspiring duet, “Better Days.” In the song, both artists try to focus on the good times. It’s an admirable example for anyone struggling through the bad ones.

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“I always knew this song Zach wrote was special,” Mayer recently said. “I had no idea how beautiful, powerful and deep an album it would be a part of. I’m stunned. I’m blessed to have been able to fulfill my dreams of making music. What I never saw coming: to be asked to play with an artist as deeply tapped in as [Bryan] is. Thank you for inviting me into your dream-coming-true.”

Uncover the meaning behind this song, below.

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Behind the Meaning of “Better Days” by Zach Bryan and John Mayer

Don’t get angry, listen to the sounds
Them good times will find their way back around
And I’ve got the answers, go on and touch my skin
Them better days always come back again

As this song states: life comes in waves. Though bad times will inevitably pop up, it’s best practice to focus on the good times. Them better days always come back again, Bryan sings in the opening verse.

This life’s a boat, boy, it all comes in waves
On the radio, her laughter and sweet mistakes
And I wasn’t loved well as a younger child
So I’ll pray these better, unstable days, they stay awhile

In the subsequent verses, the two artists list off reasons why they’re are thankful in their lives: the onus behind their good days. From finding love to finding themselves, both artists have their eyes on the horizon.

She always told me there’d be times like this
With a blue guitar, a city bar and a streetlight kiss
But I’ve never known quite what I deserve
You try so hard and wind up gettin’ burned

Check out this duet, below.

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