John Mayer Thanks Zach Bryan for an Invite Who Thanks Bruce Springsteen for “Making My Whole Life a Dream of a Younger Me”

While once serving in the United States Navy, Zach Bryan is more than a veteran as he continues to thrill fans all over the country with his music. Having a love for music at a young age, it was only a matter of time before the singer found his way to the stage. And since breaking into the industry back in 2017, Bryan brought home numerous awards and released five studio albums. With many celebrating the 4th of July yesterday, Bryan celebrated his new album, The Great American Bar Scene, hitting shelves. Besides fans loving the album, John Mayer took a moment to praise Bryan. 

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With the album featuring new songs from Bryan, the country star also welcomed singers like Mayer and Bruce Springsteen to help bring the record to life. Posting a picture of himself in the studio, Mayer wrote, “I always knew this song Zach wrote was special. I had no idea how beautiful, powerful and deep an album it would be a part of. I’m stunned. I’m blessed to have been able to fulfill my dreams of making music. What I never saw coming: to be asked to play with an artist as deeply tapped in as @zachlanebryan is. Thank you for inviting me into your dream-coming-true.”

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Zach Bryan Thanks Bruce Springsteen For His Work On “Sandpaper”

Outside of gaining praise from Mayer, Bryan also took a moment to give thanks to those who helped bring the album to life. With Bryan collaborating with Springsteen on the song “Sandpaper”, the star posted a picture of him on Twitter, writing, “Thank you for the day @springsteen. thank you for your kind words. thank you for letting me take this picture. thank you for making my whole life a dream of a younger me. a reason to believe.”

While taking a moment to thank both Mayer and Springsteen for their time and help with the album, Bryan made sure to not forget the 4th of July. He shared another post on Twitter, explaining, “The world feels lighter today, Happy Fourth of July to all of you. Hug and hold your families, eat a good hot dog, and try to watch some fireworks. All is well baby, all is well.”

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