Behind the Meaning of Megan Moroney’s “Man on the Moon”

Megan Moroney is quickly establishing herself as an artist who cleverly writes her way out of heartbreak. While she certainly has some somber tracks, many of her best songs have a playful, irreverent energy about them. One of her latest songs in that pursuit is “Man on the Moon.” Check out the meaning behind this anthem, below.

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Behind the Meaning of Megan Moroney’s “Man on the Moon”

Houston’s he’s a problem
He’s leavin’ then he’s callin’
He’s a headache and a half and I can’t win
Yeah, I need him long gone runnin’
Another town or state won’t cut it
He’ll find a way to come around again

Grieving the end of a relationship can take many forms. While some people opt to wallow in sadness, others turn to humor. Moroney takes the latter approach in “Man on the Moon.” This anthem is centered around a play on the idea of sending a man into space. While NASA might be focused on sending great minds to explore uncharted territory, Moroney just wants a reprieve from a man who can’t make his mind up.

And I don’t mean to be dramatic / Yeah, but he’s the kind of man I’d like / A hundred-thousand miles from here, she sings.

Moroney can’t seem to shake this guy, despite how wishy-washy he’s been during their relationship. ‘Cause he wants me, and he needs space, she muses in the chorus. In the end, she can only see one way forward: skyrocket him into space where she will never have to see him again–effectively making his mind up for him.

‘Cause he wants me, and he needs space
Someone take this cowboy away
Somewhere far, let him fly
Out of this world and off my mind
Come on there’s gotta be a rocket somewhere takin’ off soon
I think it’s time we put another man on the moon

Listen to Moroney’s “Man on the Moon,” below.

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