7 Best Gifts for Traveling Guitarists of 2024

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The holidays are a great excuse to show the musician in your life that you care about them – by getting them a super cool, personalized gift they’ll actually use.

If you have a music enthusiast or traveling guitarist in your life, you probably want to get them a gift they’ll really appreciate: something that says, “I didn’t just phone it in this year.” That can be a daunting task because many musicians already have all the specific gear they like.

But have no fear because today’s article will show you seven awesome gifts for traveling guitarists. All of them are useful, creative, and probably something the guitarist doesn’t already own.

The Spark GO Portable Guitar Amp & Bluetooth Speaker makes the top of the list as the perfect gift for the guitarist on the go. We’ve also included a buyer's guide and FAQ section for some general tips on buying music-related gifts.

Now, let’s get to the list!

Editor's Choice

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Surprisingly big sound
Endless tone options
Super-fun AI features

Quick Summary of the Best Gifts for Traveling Guitarists

  1. Positive Grid Spark GO (Best Overall Pick)
  2. SoundBrenner Pulse (The Runner-Up)
  3. D'Addario VariGrip Hand Exerciser (Best Budget-Friendly Gift)
  4. Taylor Baby Taylor BT1 Acoustic Guitar (Best Travel Guitar)
  5. Dunlop Scotty Pick Holder (Best Stocking Stuffer)
  6. Cordoba Mini II Bass MH-E Acoustic-electric Bass Guitar - Mahogany (Best for Impromptu Jams)
  7. Schlagwerk SamJam Guitar Snare (Most Creative)

Best Gifts for Traveling Guitarists

1. Best Overall Pick – Positive Grid Spark GO

Positive Grid Spark GO Smart Guitar Amp


  • Ideal for: Guitar players, bassists, and music listeners
  • Features: 33 amp and 43 effects models, multiple editable parameters via Spark app, AI-powered practice tools, battery life of up to 8 hours
  • Stocking stuffer: Yes!

Positive Grid is all about bringing convenience into musicians’ lives. That’s exactly what they’ve done with their latest portable amp, Spark GO.

Portable guitar amps have been around for decades, but never quite like this. Spark GO is remarkably compact at only ¾ of a pound, and it also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker.

For practicing and listening to music, Spark GO is about as user-friendly as it gets. And with its rugged construction, it can handle whatever you throw at it, making it the perfect portable amp for traveling musicians.

With both a quarter-inch guitar input jack and an eighth-inch headphone jack, it makes an incredible headphone amp -- but you'll also be amazed at how big the onboard speaker sounds. Spark GO can reach volumes of up to 82 dB SPL, with a frequency range of 110-20,000 Hz. Those are impressive specs, any way you slice it!

But it doesn’t even stop there. There’s an onboard tuner with an LED display, 4 customizable amp presets, and hundreds of effects built in. Compression, distortion, delay, reverb – it’s all there, along with a USB interface so you can record your guitar parts into your DAW.

Spark GO integrates seamlessly with the Spark app for even more convenience and customizability – it’s like traveling with practically every amp and pedal known to man. Plus, the Spark app's interactive Auto Chord and Smart Jam features allow you to jam along to your favorite songs and AI-generated jam tracks in real time. It's just like having your band with you on the road – only with a lot less complaining.

Spark GO even includes a carrying strap for even greater portability, as well as an alternative grille so you can make your amp your own. Plus, a custom-designed carrying case is also available -- yet another perfect stocking stuffer for the traveling guitarist in your life.

Pick one up today while they’re on sale for the holidays!

2. The Runner-Up – SoundBrenner Pulse

Soundbrenner Pulse


  • Ideal for: All musicians
  • Features: Tap-tempo, Daw compatibility, Multi-player sync

SoundBrenner has become impressively relevant for a company that hasn’t even been around for ten years. Founded in 2015 in Germany, SoundBrenner is known for using technology to cater to the needs of musicians in innovative new ways.

What really put them on the map was the SoundBrenner Pulse, a wearable metronome to help musicians keep time.

If your friend or loved one plays music and is serious about improving their sense of timing, then we can’t recommend the SoundBrenner pulse highly enough. This product does exactly what it’s designed to – vibrate to any tempo to help musicians stay on time.

So, what makes this better than a regular metronome? Well, there are two main factors.

First, the fact that the vibrations are silent means that the audience won’t hear an annoying “clicking” sound while the musician is playing. This makes all the difference in the world for anyone who wants to use a metronome while playing to a live audience.

Effectively, the musician will sound perfectly on time without any audible metronome helping them. The results can be magical.

Secondly, the SoundBrenner keeps time by means of vibration, which means the musician can truly feel the sense of timing. This really helps players internalize their sense of rhythm, even more so than a conventional metronome would.

It’s even possible for multiple musicians to sync up their SoundBrenner Pulse watches for a perfectly synchronized performance. There’s a lot to love about this device, and any musician who gets one is sure to be thrilled.

3. Best Budget-Friendly Gift – D'Addario VariGrip Hand Exerciser

D'Addario VariGrip Hand Exerciser


  • Ideal for: Guitarists, bassists
  • Features: Adjustable resistance

Travel guitarists have a fast-paced lifestyle, so they’re always looking to improve their chops during the small bits of free time they might have throughout the day. This hand exerciser from D’Addario gives them the perfect way to do that.

The D’Addario VariGrip Hand Exerciser is a budget-friendly gift that a guitarist will actually get some use out of. With four spring-loaded buttons that each have adjustable resistance, your guitarist will always have a way to improve their strength and dexterity, even if a guitar is nowhere to be found!

Now, no matter what they’re doing – eating breakfast, watching TV, listening to a new demo – they have a way to essentially practice guitar at the same time. The finger strength from the VariGrip is going to help them improve their chops no matter what genre they play.

The VariGrip is particularly useful for techniques like barre chords, which can be tricky for newer players because they require a lot of hand strength. It can be easy to underestimate how much hand and finger strength is required to pull off a lot of fundamental guitar techniques.

Since each finger button has adjustable resistance, this product is even good for building up the strength of one particular finger. Many players have used it to strengthen their pinkies, which is a very important but often overlooked finger when it comes to guitar playing.

With the D’Addario VariGrip, the traveling guitarist in your life will love how easy it becomes to strengthen their hands. After a couple of months of finger exercises, they’ll be blown away at how much their playing ability has improved.

4. Best Travel Guitar – Taylor Baby Taylor BT1 Acoustic Guitar

Taylor Baby Taylor BT1


  • Ideal for: Guitarists on the go
  • Features: Spruce top, Walnut back and sides, Maple neck, Ebony fingerboard

If you know a traveling guitarist who doesn’t already have a travel-sized guitar, then this gift is a no-brainer. The Baby Taylor is one of the best travel-sized acoustic guitars in the world.

With a spruce top, walnut back and sides, and an ebony fingerboard, the Baby Taylor is meticulously constructed from high-quality wood. The craftsmanship is top-notch, and the sound of the guitar reflects this quality.

The resonant body creates a natural compression, helping your playing sound beautiful and full whether you play loud or soft. Furthermore, the Baby Taylor is extremely gratifying to play because the fretboard and action are set up so nicely.

Any guitarist on the go will be head over heels for this guitar. Now, not only can they play all their favorite songs in any setting, but they can do it on one of the best-sounding acoustic guitars on the planet.

The Baby Taylor is the perfect big-ticket item this holiday season. And it’s a gift they can start enjoying right away.

5. Best Stocking Stuffer – Dunlop Scotty Pick Holder

Dunlop Scotty Pick Holder


  • Ideal for: All guitarists
  • Features: Adhesive back surface

Everyone knows you can buy a guitar player some picks as a quick and easy gift. But what would be the fun of telling you something you already know?

If you really want to stand out with your stocking stuffers, you can throw in this pick holder from Dunlop Scotty. For less than five dollars, this handy little accessory will become a surprisingly useful tool in your traveling guitarist’s arsenal.

Any guitarist will tell you that their picks are constantly disappearing, getting “accidentally” stolen by fellow musicians, or winding up in random places they don’t belong. Many guitarists feel like they can never have enough picks. This is especially true of traveling guitarists.

Well, the Dunlop Scotty Pick Holder immediately solves all that! It adhesively sticks to the front, back, or side of the guitar for easy access. Then, they can simply load it with one to five of their favorite picks, and they’re off to the races.

No more scouring the house for a pick of the correct thickness. No more finding the house littered with picks that get forgotten about or thrown away. This pick holder is a little accessory that is easy to overlook, but it goes a long way.

6. Best for Impromptu Jams – Cordoba Mini II Bass MH-E Acoustic-electric Bass Guitar - Mahogany

Cordoba Mini II Bass MH-E Acoustic-electric Bass Guitar - Mahogany


  • Ideal For : Traveling bassists
  • Features: Mahogany top, back, and sides, Composite fingerboard, Satin polyurethane finish

A guitarist on the go is probably looking for any excuse to jam with other musicians. As they make their various stops on their tour, they’re probably used to finding other people who have acoustic guitars.

It’s much more rare, however, to find someone with an acoustic bass to jam around with. The Cordoba Mini II Bass is a travel-sided acoustic-electric bass guitar that they can bring along with them, so they can have a proper jam sesh with just about anyone!

The Cordoba Mini Bass is a fun new take on bass guitars. Its smaller size makes it suitable for travel, of course, but it also makes it fun to play. The reduced scale length of the neck makes it easy to hit large intervals or tricky riffs, and hammer-ons and pull-offs sound great.

It comes with D’Addario’s Coated Phosphor Bronze strings, which sound impressively warm, rich, and loud for an acoustic bass guitar. The electric component also comes with a built-in tuner (very useful) and a 3-band EQ when you want to amp up.

Bass players will love the portability and playability of the Cordoba Mini Bass. Even guitar players will love having one so that they can let a bass player borrow it for a quick impromptu jam.

This is a fun, surprisingly versatile instrument that is also a great value for financial investment.

7. Most Creative – Schlagwerk SamJam Guitar Snare

Schlagwerk SamJam Guitar Snare


  • Ideal for: Guitarists
  • Features: Removable SnareBuzz control magnet, Adhesive back surface

Here’s a gift no one will see coming – because most people don’t even know it exists!

The SamJam Guitar Snare is a perfect gift for an acoustic guitarist who likes to incorporate elements of percussion into their playing. It sticks right on the guitar’s body and immediately expands the capabilities of the instrument.

By striking the SamJam Snare, the guitarist can get a nice, crisp snare tone with high attack. Combine this with a palm strike to the guitar’s body, and you’ve got a kick-snare combo. This opens up doors for all sorts of new playing styles.

The SamJam Snare comes with a magnet that can be placed on or inside it to dampen its tone. By fine-tuning the sound, the guitarist can become an even more versatile player than ever before.

Best Gifts for Traveling Guitarists Buyer's Guide

Thanks for reading those seven gift ideas for traveling guitarists. While each one of those products would make fantastic gifts, there are many more gifts out there that would work as well. It just depends on the recipient’s preferences.

Here is a list of the most important things to consider when buying a gift for the traveling guitarist in your life. Keep these in mind, and you’ll have no trouble finding a sweet, personalized gift that the guitarist will love.


First, determine the appropriate budget for this gift. If you’re showing up to a gift exchange where the limit has been set at $20, then needless to say, you probably don’t want to show up with the $400 Baby Taylor.

Likewise, if you’re in charge of buying the main gift this year, then something like a pick holder might not be up to par.

The Positive Grid Spark GO is a nice middle ground at $100 or so. It is fun and useful for musicians and music listeners alike.

Type of Guitar Player

This is important to keep in mind as well. Different types of guitars are compatible with different accessories.

For example, the SamJam Guitar Snare is designed for acoustic guitars. If your friend or loved one exclusively plays electric guitar, then this gift would not make sense for them. Likewise, the Positive Grid mini amp at the top of the list is only compatible with an electric guitar.

The VariGrip finger exerciser is an example of a gift that any type of guitarist can use. No matter what style they play, they’ll be able to benefit from the increased finger strength.

Music Taste

If you have a good idea of the traveling guitarist’s music taste, then you can make your gift all the more personal to them.

For instance, if you know they love punk music, then you can get them a gift that will help them play distorted tones, like the Positive Grid Spark GO, which has built-in distortion.

If they love singer-songwriters like Ed Sheeran, then you could get them a looper pedal, enabling them to give one-person shows just like Ed does.

Knowing the traveling guitarist’s music taste is never a bad idea. If you get them a gift that fits particularly well with the type of music they like, then it really shows that you’ve paid attention to their interests. 

Return Policy

Music gear can be a bit confusing and temperamental, especially for first-time buyers. If you want to buy something for a traveling guitarist, but you’re not sure they’ll actually use it, then you can always take advantage of a return policy.

If you’re at your local music store, you can simply ask the sales associate what the return policy is on this particular item. Chances are they will have one built-in or allow you to buy damage/loss coverage for a small fee.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do guitar accessories make good gifts?

Generally, guitar accessories like picks, straps, and mini amps make great gifts, provided the guitarist doesn’t already have one.

On this list, we tried to stay away from commonplace guitar accessories like straps because most guitarists already have them and don’t need more. That said, if you find an accessory that captures the guitarist’s interest, like a strap with their favorite album art on it, then that could make a great gift.

Whatever accessory you buy for a guitarist, it’s a safe bet they’ll appreciate it more than something mundane like a Starbucks gift card. After all, buying a guitar accessory shows you’ve actually paid attention to their passion and gotten them a gift that supports them on their musical journey.

Should I take the guitarist’s skill level into consideration?

Guitarists at different experience levels will probably have different preferences when it comes to gifts.

A newer player is less likely to have the bread-and-butter accessories that most advanced guitar players already have. So, for newer players, things like picks and tuners might actually be quite useful as gifts.

There are also plenty of affordable accessories tailored toward guitarists who are still learning. You can buy stickers, for instance, that go right on the fretboard to remind the player of which note is which.

For more experienced players, something like the SamJam Guitar Snare might be nice because it allows them to experiment with new playing styles. Also, incorporating percussion into guitar playing might be more difficult for newer players to pull off.

All in all, the experience level of the guitar player is very relevant to which types of gifts are going to be the best fit.

How can I find out if the guitarist will like a certain gift?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but here are some things to try out.

You can take to social media and see if you can find out more about their music taste or playing style. Additionally, ask their friends or bandmates, and they will probably be able to help you out.

The more personal details you can learn about the guitarist’s music taste, skill level, and lifestyle, the easier it will be to find out whether they will like a particular gift.

In Conclusion

Thank you for reading this exploration of some of the best gifts you can buy for a traveling guitarist! We hope it has inspired you with some fun and creative gift ideas.

The nice thing about the Positive Grid Spark GO (our number one choice) is that it works as a guitar amp and a Bluetooth speaker, so it can be enjoyed by musicians and music listeners alike.

Now go use what you’ve learned to spread some cheer, love, and, most importantly, music!

Find the perfect gift for guitar enthusiasts! Explore our collection for the best gifts for guitar players.

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