7 Best Tech Gadget Gifts for Musicians of 2024

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The holidays are upon us, and you’re looking for the perfect tech gadget gift for the musician in your life. Every musician has different wants and needs, so it can be understandably difficult to know where to start, especially if you’re not a musician yourself.

That’s why we created this guide to help you discover the best tech gadget gifts for musicians so you can stuff their stockings with the perfect present. It might not be what they were expecting, but it might be exactly what they need.

Gift-giving season is coming up fast, so let’s get to it. These are our top picks for the best tech gadget gifts for musicians in a range of categories so you can make the best buying decision for that special person on your gift list. Here a little late? We have a list of last minute gifts that you can buy for the musician in your life.

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Quick Summary of the Best Tech Gadget Gifts for Musicians

  1. Positive Grid Spark GO (Best Tech Gadget Gift for Musicians Overall)
  2. Snark ST-8 Super Tight Chromatic Tuner (Best Tech Gadget Gift for Guitar and Bass Players)
  3. Bose QuietComfort Headphones (Best Wireless Headphones)
  4. Soundbrenner Pulse (Best Tech Gadget Gift for Drummers)
  5. Roland GO:KEYS 61-key Music Creation Keyboard (Best Tech Gadget Gift for Music Production)
  6. D’Addario dBud Universal Fit Volume Adjustable Earplugs (Best Tech Gadget Gift for Hearing Protection)
  7. Whirlwind Qbox Mic/Line Tester (Best Tech Gadget Gift for Audio Engineers)

Best Tech Gadget Gifts for Musicians

1. Best Tech Gadget Gift for Musicians Overall – Positive Grid Spark GO

Positive Grid Spark GO Smart Guitar Amp


  • Ideal for: Guitar players, bassists, and music listeners
  • Features: 33 amp and 43 effects models, multiple editable parameters via Spark app, AI-powered practice tools, 10-hour battery life
  • Stocking stuffer: Yes!

It’s no secret. Speakers have gotten more miniaturized, and manufacturers have found a way to balance this without having to make huge sacrifices to sound elements like low-end and volume. Positive Grid is on the forefront, and their GO model is a combination smart guitar amp and Bluetooth speaker that pumps out plenty of sound considering the modest size of its 2” speaker.

Powered by the company’s computational audio technology and Spark software engine, the Spark GO shakes the stigma that small speakers can’t hang when it comes to tone and sound projection. It has four preset slots and about 50,000 patches accessible through the Spark app. The app gives access to 33 amp and 43 effects models, so guitar players will never run out of sound combinations.

The Spark GO excels as a practice tool. With AI-powered features like Smart Jam and Auto Chords, practice sessions are more streamlined and effective than ever before. You can even connect the GO to your computer to record with the built‑in audio interface. It’s got multiple additional features, including a tuner, line and headphone outputs, and a 10-hour battery life.

The Spark GO is ergonomic, portable amplification at its finest. Whether you’re a guitar player looking for an effective and easy practice tool or a music lover who needs a portable speaker without sacrificing sound for mobility, the GO has you covered.

Finally, not only does the Spark GO include a carrying strap and an alternative grille for both convenience and customization, but a custom-designed carrying case is also available -- yet another perfect stocking stuffer for the guitar nut in your life.

2. Best Tech Gadget Gift for Guitar and Bass Players – Snark ST-8 Super Tight Chromatic Tuner

Snark ST-8 Super Tight Chromatic Tuner


  • Ideal for: Stringed instrument players 
  • Features: 360-degree rotating, high-definition display, 415Hz-466Hz calibration range, flat tuning mode 
  • Stocking stuffer: Yes!

Every guitar player needs to be in tune, and contact tuners have gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to their ease of use, accuracy, and efficiency. Snark are the kings in this arena, and the ST-8 is the perfect blend of quick and easy tuning accuracy and affordability.

The 360-degree rotating, high-definition display is easy to see even in the darkest environments, and it sports a faster processing chip than previous models for increased tuning accuracy. With pitch calibration ranging from 415Hz to 466Hz, it works in a variety of tuning standards and features a flat tuning mode for down tuning that works in tandem with the pitch calibration.

At just under $20, the ST-8 is the perfect stocking stuffer for the stringed instrument player on your holiday shopping list. It works on a variety of different instruments, including guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, and even mandolin!

3. Best Wireless Headphones – Bose QuietComfort Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 45 Noise Cancelling Headphones


  • Ideal for: Music listeners, musicians, producers, engineers
  • Features: Noise canceling, set multiple parameters through app, Quiet and Aware modes, easy external device pairing
  • Stocking stuffer: No

A good pair of wireless headphones is useful for anyone, and Bose makes some of the best. The QuietComfort offers a range of features that make it a great option for everyone from professional musicians to casual music listeners.

They’re designed to provide a listening environment free of distraction. Whether it’s music, a podcast, a movie, or music production, enhanced noise cancellation helps you lock into whatever you’re listening to. By switching between Quiet and Aware modes, you’re able to transition from intent listening to conversing with others and back again.

Through the Bose Music App, the entire listening experience can be customized. Adjust EQ and noise-canceling presets, monitor the up to 24-hour battery life, connections, and more from an app that’s easy to use.

If it wasn’t obvious by the name, they’re extremely comfortable and designed to be used for long listening sessions. The QuietComfort cans offer audio quality that will please even the pickiest audiophile while providing a range of uses that even casual listeners will appreciate.

4. Best Tech Gadget Gift for Drummers – Soundbrenner Pulse

Soundbrenner Pulse


  • Ideal for: All musicians
  • Features: 30-300 bpm tempo range, multiple pulse strengths and LED color visualization, Bluetooth for syncing multiple devices, DAW tempo mapping connectivity
  • Stocking stuffer: Yes!

Music is about feeling, and nobody feels it more than drummers. And since the onus of keeping the vitality of the beat tends to fall squarely on whoever is behind the kit, every drummer needs to have the best sense of timekeeping possible. 

In the past, metronomes either needed to be seen or heard, but the Pulse addresses a third sense and is one of the most important to drummers. Feel. The Pulse is a tactile metronome in a smartwatch format that offers next-generation functionality.

Since drums are such an intense instrument, the 7G ERM motor and haptic driver combination means that no matter how much the song requires, you’ll be able to grab the tempo accurately. And at a tempo range of 30-300 bpm, it’s got the timing breadth to handle any song in any genre. You can even customize the pulse strength and LED color, so no matter how you prefer the tempo to be displayed, there’s an option for you.

All functions are accessible directly from the device, and multiple devices can be connected through Bluetooth for working in groups. There are two band sizes that allow you to wear it on the wrist, ankle, or wherever it fits that is the most comfortable. If you’re in an Apple ecosystem, you can even use the DAW tools software to have the DAW output tempo mapping directly to the Pulse.

5. Best Tech Gadget Gift for Music Production – Roland GO:KEYS 61-key Music Creation Keyboard

Roland GO:KEYS 61-key Music Creation Keyboard


  • Ideal for: Music production and songwriting
  • Features: 500 instrument sounds, onboard effects, Bluetooth audio and MIDI control, built-in recording functionality
  • Stocking stuffer: No, fits best under the tree!

When it comes to streamlining your music production workflow, there are a few pieces of gear that come in handy. Roland’s GO:KEYS combines a lot of the most useful features of disparate pieces of music production gear and consolidates them into a sleek and easy-to-use keyboard.

To start, its 500 onboard instrument sounds cover more than enough musical ground, so you don’t have to worry about using virtual instruments. A built-in recording function provides a way to track your progress as you practice or capture your ideas at the moment and offload them to your recording setup later

The Loop Mix function provides an easy way to build song ideas quickly through layering different instruments. You can further manipulate the sounds through the performance pads. Bluetooth connectivity through audio and MIDI. You can stream songs from your tablet or phone and play over them or use it as a wireless MIDI controller. 

6. Best Tech Gadget Gift for Hearing Protection – D'Addario dBud Universal Fit Volume Adjustable Earplugs

D’Addario dBud Universal Fit Volume Adjustable Earplugs


  • Ideal for: Guitar players and music listeners
  • Features: Switchable attenuation filter, passive design doesn’t need power, five eartip sizes provide perfect fit
  • Stocking stuffer: Yes!

Whether you’re a musician or an avid concertgoer, protecting your hearing should be a paramount concern. Once it’s gone, it never comes back, so making sure you have a good pair of earplugs is an important investment.

There is protection from SPL levels over 110dB, so no matter if you’re at a concert or working on the tarmac of an airport, your hearing is protected. A switchable filter between -24dB and -12dB attenuation lets 

The best thing about the dBuds is that they’re totally passive and don’t need to be charged or take batteries. Five eartip sizes ensure you’ll find one that offers the perfect fit. They offer high SPL hearing protection for a variety of sound situations, and the adjustable attenuation filter means you don’t have to sacrifice sound quality for safety.

Turn down the volume, not the fun! Shop now for earplugs for concerts and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience at every live event.

7. Best Tech Gadget Gift for Audio Engineers – Whirlwind Qbox Mic/Line Tester

Whirlwind Qbox Mic/Line Tester


  • Ideal for: Guitar players and music listeners
  • Features: Mic/line signal tester, test tone generator, communications functions, durable enclosure
  • Stocking stuffer: Yes!

A lot of musicians also work in audio engineering. It’s a field that presents its own unique challenges, and any audio engineer worth their paycheck wants to step into any situation prepared not only with the knowledge but with the proper tools.

One of the most useful audio tools is a device that can help you chase down signal issues quickly and efficiently. Nothing is more frustrating than having to hunt for a signal anomaly through foot after foot of cabling that can easily increase into the hundreds. That’s where a testing device like the Whirlwind Qbox becomes invaluable. 

It’s an all-in-one signal testing tool that includes an onboard communication microphone, speaker, test tone generator, and headphone output and is ideal for testing the efficacy of cabling and microphones. 

It can confirm whether the incoming signal is at line or mic level, and LED metering indicates whether +48v phantom or intercom power is present in the signal. It easily attaches to a belt for mobile use or can be fitted securely to a rack for stationary work. The Qbox doubles as an intercom, too, when there are multiple engineers working together over a distance. 

It’s a little pricey, but considering its utility and the amount of time it can save - especially when there is little time to spare - makes it one of the best tech gadget gifts for musicians who also work in audio engineering. It won’t solve every audio headache, but it’s a versatile, time-saving tool.

Best Tech Gadget Gifts for Musicians Buyer's Guide

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially when it comes to buying gifts for musicians. This is amplified if you’re not a musician yourself and are navigating an unknown product landscape. These are just some of the areas to consider when trying to find the perfect present.


Since this guide is centered around tech gadget gifts, technology is one of the biggest categories to consider when shopping for holiday gifts for the musician in your life.

In all aspects of music, from instruments to production products are getting more technologically advanced and innovative, so it makes sense to consider an upgrade to a piece of gear that the person you’re buying for uses frequently.

Stage Gear

If the musician on your list is performing regularly, you might consider purchasing some items that will enhance their live performance sonically or aesthetically. This can range from theatrical items like lighting and fog machines to simpler pieces like microphones and instrument stands.

With how difficult it is for artists to make a decent revenue return, merchandise is one of the most important things for live performing and touring artists. From marketing materials like banners and flyers to branded merchandise, anything that helps to promote the artist and their brand is a worthy consideration.

Upgrades and Customizations

Sometimes, a great gift isn’t about buying something new but making something better. This varies greatly depending on the musician you’re buying for, but the options are virtually endless.

If the person you’re shopping for is into production, a better set of monitors or headphones is always a welcome addition. For guitarists, you could consider a new set of pickups or a better carrying case. Drummers always need hardware, and you can’t go wrong with a new set of cymbals, stands for them, or a better kick drum pedal.

The list goes on, and with so many options, it can be tough to narrow down the best and most useful gift. But if the person you’re buying for is happy with what they have, why not look into a gift that will make what they’re already using better?


One of the best things about music is that it’s a lifelong journey that requires continued education to be the very best. This is one of the reasons educational and informative content makes such a great holiday gift idea.

And there is no shortage of material to choose from these days. Books on music theory, songwriting, and production, lessons from an experienced teacher or through one of the many apps, subscriptions to physical magazines or their digital counterparts, and even autobiographies and biographies from musicians and music business insiders all make fantastic educational gift ideas.


They might not be glamorous, but every musician needs accessories. Tuners, picks, capos, strings, and cables are great for guitar and bass players. Drum heads, tuning mechanisms, and sticks are a good choice for drummers. Microphone stands and cables are great for vocalists. For producers and engineers, special input devices like keyboards and mice, hard drives, control surfaces, and MIDI controllers are all great ways to enhance their workflow.

Recording Gear

We’re certainly in the golden age of accessibility to high-quality recording gear, and it makes for one of the best gift categories regardless of where the person you’re buying for is on their musical journey. The right setup and the understanding of how to use it makes for a great way to document musical ideas, increase the efficiency of practice sessions, and record and release productions.

There are some basic pieces to a digital recording setup, and even if you’re not very knowledgeable about the technology, it’s fairly simple to make a good purchase decision. It’s really as simple as a computer, an audio interface, and a dynamic or condenser microphone.

Other recording gear that makes for great holiday gift ideas are studio monitors or headphones, plugins, acoustic room treatment, and even more basic things like cabling and stands. And if the musician you’re shopping for is starting from scratch, there are a number of great recording bundles available.

Art and Decoration

Music is all about vibe, and so is the space in which it’s created. Music-related art and decor can make for a great gift idea that’s sure to surprise the musician on your list.

Some great ideas include more obvious things like posters, framed vinyl records, and official signed merchandise to more esoteric ideas like sculptures, lighting, or furniture. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What gift do musicians like?

The best gift for the musician in your life depends on how they’re involved with music and where they are in their skill level. If they’re only involved with music casually or are just starting out, their wish list is likely to be very different from someone who is a professional or pursuing it with more ambition.

What is a good gift to get a musician?

The best gift to get a musician is something that provides usefulness and utility that will come in handy frequently. This varies greatly depending on their wants and needs and what they do in music. 

But if you do a little research and select a thoughtful item, they’ll likely be surprised. After all, who doesn’t like to be surprised around the holidays?

What is the most important thing for a musician?

It’s difficult to narrow down a single “most important” thing for a musician. Ideally, a good gift idea is something that can be used every day, provides innovative features, and is unlikely to be obsolete anytime in the near future.


Musicians are notoriously unique people, and choosing the right gift that is unique to the musician they are can be difficult (or near impossible). When it comes to the best tech gadget gifts for musicians, there is no shortage of terrific options available to you. So many options that making the right selection can seem daunting and overwhelming.

But with some deliberate research and careful consideration for the person you’re buying for, you can no doubt find the perfect gift for the musician in your life regardless of what they’re doing with music, where they are on their journey with it, and what’s on their wish list.

Looking for gifts that resonate? Check out our curated list of gifts for drummers—they'll love the rhythm-inspired surprises!

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