7 Best Vinyl Record Storage Options of 2024

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Vinyl records are popular these days—so popular that they actually outsold CDs in 2021 for the first time since the ’80s. Impressive! If you think you contributed to the vinyl record boom recently, you likely have a huge collection by now that needs proper storage.

Below we rounded up 7 ideas for the best vinyl record storage. You'll have some great options that allow you to show off your collection, options for the garage, and more.

1. Hommpa LED Turntable Stand Vinyl Record Storage Stand

best vinyl record storage

This stand is pretty neat. If you need a place for your record player/turntable, you'll love this storage stand. Place your record player on top and place your records on the shelves. There's even a drawer on the stand, perfect for CDs or anything that may be essential to a night of listening to your favorite tunes.

It's definitely going to be your favorite piece in your home. This will get your records out of the closet and your turntable off your work-from-home desk or wherever it may be resting for now. We love that the dividers keep all records upright, so you can pick out one easily.

2. Really Useful Boxes Large Stackable Vinyl Record Storage Box

best vinyl record storage

If your collection is reaching the hundreds and you don't have the space in your home to display them all, it could be time to look into storage bins. Clear bins are great, you'll be able to see what's inside in case you do find yourself looking for a specific record in the basement or storage one day.

These boxes are stackable, so if your closet or storage space isn't wide, you can maximize space with these. One box will hold up to 90 records.

3. Vinyl Record Shelf Wall Mount 6 Pack

best vinyl record storage

Maybe you only buy a few vinyl records here and there. Display your favorites with a wall mount set. You'll get 6 record holders with everything you need to install it. This will look great in offices and dorms. Choose between 7 and 12-inch options.

4. Vinyl Record Storage Holder

best vinyl record storage

Here's a nice storage option for up to 200 LPs. That's plenty of space for a large collection. This stylish holder is great for bedrooms, living rooms, home offices, and even foyers. The 2-tier design is also nice if you collect music magazines (hey, you totally should).

Kidding, but in case you do start collecting some, you'll have a space for both magazines and vinyl records. It takes about 10-15 minutes to set up, so you'll have your favorite records ready for display in no time.

5. GPO Portable Retro-Style Carry Case for LPs

best vinyl record storage

Hold up to 30 of your favorite albums in this carry case. The retro design makes for cool home decor, plus it'll also be easy to transport to and from the living room or closet if needed. Customers say it looks far from cheap and are impressed with the quality.

6. Harmony Case HCLPHWE Rolling Flight Case

best vinyl record storage

This will make a great gift for a DJ or for anyone who may want a storage option on wheels. (It's a smart pick if you think you'll be hauling them from storage units in the future!). You can store up to 100 records in it.

The case has foam inserts and interior carpet lining to keep your records safe from damage.

A customer wrote, "Beautiful. Sturdy. So happy with this case I bought 3, my husband passed January 2021 and I wanted to make sure his records would keep for generations to come. With these cases, I am sure they will and my husband would be very content!"

7. Trunab Vinyl Record Carrying Bag

best vinyl record storage

Looking for a storage option that's easy to carry? Consider this carry bag. It'll hold up to 60 of your favorite records and will keep them safe from impact and dust.

This bag is nice because you can keep this at home, versus having to store a huge bin at your storage unit (or even basement or garage). You can easily store this on a roomy walk-in closet shelf.

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