Bob Dylan’s Big Day

Go Dylan, it’s yer birthday! Actually, your birthday isn’t until May 24th. But it is Bob Dylan Day around here. Today’s the day Dylan’s latest studio album, Together Through Life hits stores (if you’ve heard it, post your thoughts below). The album, which was partly inspired by the sound of old Chess records, was co-written with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter.

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“Hunter is an old buddy,” Dylan told Rolling Stone recently. “We could probably write a hundred songs together if we thought it was important or the right reasons were there. He’s got a way with words and I do too. We both write a different type of song than what passes today for songwriting.”

Want to know what the critics think? Click here to read a summary of last lines for reviews of Together Through Life.

Click here to read Dylanologist AJ Weberman’s breakdown of “Idiot Wind” in our comments section (spoiler alert: it has an awful lot to do with AJ Weberman.)

Click here for the dates to Dylan’s summer tour of minor league baseball stadiums with John Mellencamp and Willie Nelson.

And click here to here to hear one of the great lost Bob Dylan recordings, “Catskill Serenade,” a song written by David Bromberg.


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