Essential Billy Joel: 3 Deep Cuts All Fans of The Piano Man Should Know

Some of the most beloved and widely played songs of all time have been composed by the legendary Billy Joel. He has 33 different Top 40 songs and 13 studio albums under his belt. Songs like “Piano Man” and “Uptown Girl” are probably being belted out at a karaoke joint right now, and it is clear that his music’s enduring vigor will never die out. But what about the lesser-known tracks? Let’s take a gander at three of Billy Joel’s best deep cuts that deserve a bit more love.

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1. “Captain Jack”

This is a well-written track that explores the reality of addiction and the need for escapism, all with very raw and emotional lyrics. Joel’s piano melody follows you in an almost eerie way as he spins his tale. A truly great (and underrated) little song.

2. “All For Leyna”

This track from the 1980 album Glass Houses is one of Joel’s catchiest tunes. It’s your classic 1980s rock anthem about unrequited love, which there’s certainly no shortage of. However, it also shows off Joel’s versatility as a musician through its instrumentation. The hooks are catchy, the rhythm is driving, and it’s the kind of song that gets stuck in your head for days. It’s quintessential Billy Joel.

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3. “Summer Highland Falls”

“Summer Highland Falls” is a fan favorite from Joel’s 1976 studio album Turnstiles. The lyrics are the true selling point of this charming little ballad, and Joel’s skill as a lyricist is on full display in this emotionally dense song. It’s the kind of tune that makes you think, which is pretty rare nowadays!

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