3 New Country Songs To Add to Your Summer 2024 Playlist

If any genre has the summertime dialed in, it’s country music. There are no shortage of sun-soaked anthems for country fans to revisit every time the weather turns warm. Moreover, that list gets longer with every passing year. Below, find three newly released country songs that need to be added to your summer 2024 playlist, stat.

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1. “Go Home W U” (Keith Urban and Lainey Wilson)

Everybody loves Keith Urban. Everybody loves Lainey Wilson. On paper, a song with these two artists seems unbeatable. It’s even better in actuality. Urban and Wilson teamed up for “Go Home W U,” a cheeky duet about a wild night out and the discussion of sleeping arrangements. You know I shouldn’t be driving / I think I should probably go home with you, the lyrics read. The best of both Urban and Wilson is highlighted in this duet. It should be on your radar for the warmer months.

Oh, I know that it’s closing time and
I won’t lie, yes, I had more than a few
And you know I shouldn’t be driving
I think I should probably go home with you

2. “Indifferent” (Megan Moroney)

If you find yourself on the precipice of new romantic horizons this summer, Megan Moroney’s “Indifferent” is the song for you. A little punk-y and a whole lot country, this song is a catharsis shot. Moroney moves on from heartbreak, turns the other cheek, and moves forward with indifference. The truth is I couldn’t care less / How sweet it is to be so, so indifferent, she sings. It’s the perfect sentiment for anyone looking to enter summertime without someone on their mind.

Throwback to how I used to care about
Where you went, where you’ve been, who you’re with
Losin’ my patience and checkin’ locations
And re-readin’ texts that you sent

3. “Worst Way” (Riley Green)

Every summer we tend to get a new crop of sultry country songs. Something about the warm weather brings something seductive out of artists. One 2024 release that fits that bill is Riley Green’s “Worst Way.” I want you in the worst way, my hands are needin’ your hips / Want the first taste of whiskey to be off your lips, Green sings. It’s just the right rush of emotions for summer.

Tonight, I ain’t bringin’ no wine
Tonight, I ain’t bringin’ no roses
Talkin’ would take too much time, I think I just better show you
Just turn the lights down, let’s get right down to it
As soon as I walk in the door
I don’t wanna be out of line, but girl, I can’t wait anymore

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