‘American Idol’ Favorite Abi Carter Pens Humbling Thank You Message to Adele

While hoping for nothing more than for the judges to grant her a ticket to Hollywood, Abi Carter watched as her stardom continued to grow. Finding herself in the Top 5 on American Idol, the aspiring singer is still somewhat shocked by her newfound success. With only four other singers standing in her way, Carter hopes to become the next American Idol. Recently, the contestants had the privilege of performing songs from Adele. Holding numerous Grammy Awards for her contributions to music, Carter was sure to take a moment and thank Adele for making so many hit songs. 

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Sharing a post on Instagram, Carter posted a picture of herself on American Idol. She also captioned the post, writing, “Okay wait last one for the night before I go to bed! I would like to take the time to thank Adele for making so many absolute boppers. This night was magical. Having the opportunity to sing a song by an artist that I SO HEAVILY look up to and admire was not only an honor, but so humbling and exciting. Thank you @adele”

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Abi Carter Still Shocked She Is On ‘American Idol’

Gaining over 10,000 likes, fans praised Carter and her performance. “Definitely should be the next American Idol! I called it from the first time I heard her audition. Just like when I heard Carrie Underwood’s audition. We knew back then she would be the next American Idol too.” Another fan added, “You absolutely killed both performances last night. Over the past few weeks, I think you’ve really come into your own…you fully deserve to win this season.”

Having covered songs by Adele and Evanescence, Carter is still somewhat shocked she is on American Idol. She told the Desert Sun, “I shocked myself this past week. I was internally screaming the entire time, like, ‘Am I actually doing this right now? Is this really what’s going on? Am I the person on stage doing these movements?’ It seems like what my 12-year-old self dreamed that I would be. That was the music I listened to.”

With only a few episodes left, don’t miss American Idol, airing Sunday at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 

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