Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Charlie Houston

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Charlie Houston over Zoom video!

Each song from 19-year old artist Charlie Houston is an emotional timecapsule with relatable self-discovery storytelling and breathy, androgynous vocals evoking the captivating immediancy of contemporaries, Empress Of, King Princess, Faye Webster and​ Charlotte Day Wilson. Freshly signed to Arts & Crafts, the genre-bending artist has recently released her debut I Hate Spring EP.

Though Charlie‘s studies at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU was short-lived due to a bout with severe anxiety, that period inspired two standout EP singles: ​“19​,​”​ a track about managing those mental health struggles with reckless behaviour, and ​“Calls​,​”​ a song about the unwanted dissolution of a long distance relationship.

Throughout the collection, Charlie bravely bares her personal struggles such as mental health issues, romantic heartbreak, first kisses and discovering the fluidity of her sexual identity along the way. Working with producer ​Chris Yonge​, I Hate Spring features five downtempo pop tracks infusing progressive electronic sounds with raw, melodic guitar and pop-R&B vocals. The poetic lyrics intentionally do not include pronouns because the beautifully crafted stories are authentically relatable to any listener.

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