Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Julia Rizik

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Julia Rizik over Zoom video!

Julia Rizik is no stranger to pushing the limits. After beginning her career as a country musician, where the singer/songwriter rose to notoriety booking stagecoach amongst others, and being signed to two of Hollywoods largest firms, both CAA and WME, she took 2020 to reflect, reposition, and push herself further outside of her comfort zone.

The change of gears was largely inspired by her desire for more creative freedom as she has always felt very drawn towards an alternative, R&B-pop sound, and her new body of work is just that. Written during the grueling and not-so-pretty days in quarantine, Julia was forced to sit down and face her reality. She unloaded her feelings of upset and confusion about her back-and-forth breakup and the toxicity of the relationship on paper, writing in search of therapy and clarity. The result was her debut pop EP “Self-Destructive”.  The five song EP rings true to themes of breaking up and self-reflection. Already released off the EP, ‘Human’ (which has garnered close to 100 streams since its release) touches on being so infatuated with somebody that you think they are too good to be real. Rizik describes the heartfelt EP as “indie-pop and alternative R&B.” Title Track “Self-Destructive” will drop March 5 and official music video will drop on March 19 to tease the EP – which is out March 26.

At only eleven years old, Scottsdale, Arizona native Julia Rizik attended an open mic night where she nearly bailed on her performance due to nerves. After going through with it, she realized how much she loved music and performing and that she wanted to do this as a career. At the young age of fourteen, Rizik landed a Fender endorsement and was introduced to some of the top country writers in Nashville. At seventeen, she was living in the heart of country, writing songs 24/7 and performing at some of the biggest festivals in the country like Stagecoach and Country Thunder. However, Rizik soon realized that making country music wasn’t fulfilling her like it used to. She took time for herself, writing and producing her own demos for pop songs. She felt more free in her writing and took this as a sign that she needed to make a change, and she made the move from Nashville to Los Angeles, to focus on pop music.

A woman of many talents, Julia Rizik also plays a multitude of instruments including the piano, banjo, and guitar. At 4- years-old, Rizik’s parents enrolled her in piano lessons where she found that she loved the music but hated the structure. She withdrew and began to print out sheet music she found online, listening to songs and coming up with her own spin on the piano.

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