Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with Michaela Slinger

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We had the pleasure of interviewing Michaela Slinger over Zoom video!

Vancouver based indie-pop artist Michaela Slinger is releasing her debut album Panorama on April 16 via 604 Records and all streaming services. Co-produced by JUNO winner Kevvy (Carly Rae Jepsen, Fake Shark) and JUNO Award nominated singer/songwriter Louise Burns, Panorama takes listeners on a dizzying journey through the first twenty-four years of Slinger’s life.

The 18-song debut body of work showcases her natural ability to bear her soul while still utilizing her voice as an additional instrument within each song’s musical framework. You can hear ability on “Lay Down” and “Long Love”, which shows the dimension to her overall sound.

Michaela Slinger is a “legendary songbird in the making” (Elevate Music Project) who combines youthful, energetic, harmony-rich melodies with old soul lyricism—think Maggie Rogers meets Joni Mitchell. Michaela has always been musically inclined. By the time Slinger was three—yes, three—she had sung the national anthem at a sold-out NBA game. From there, it was obvious that music was going to be her life’s passion.

“Panorama feels like I packaged up 24 years’ worth of my heart and soul and ideas and readied myself to drift it out to sea for whoever happens to float by. It’s an exhilarating and terrifying process that I’m embarking on for my first time. I’m excited for the new places and people it will lead me to, and—I’m sure—to do it all over again soon. I hope it makes you feel something.”

Slinger has steadily been building emotional connections with listeners around the world through her 2020 singles “Don’t Wait,” “Tarot,” and her most recent offering, “Make You Sad,” all of which are included on Panorama.

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