Bringin’ it Backwards: Interview with St. Blue

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We had the pleasure of interviewing St.Blue (Stephanie Oliver) over Zoom audio!​​

​​Piecing together her identity through her craft, Art-Pop Electro artist St.Blue (Stephanie Oliver) is finding strength in creating her own narrative. While ‘St.’ is an abbreviation of Stephanie, ‘Blue’ reflects the tranquillity and stillness of water; a sensation which washes over you upon listening to her dream-like melodies.​​

​​St.Blue is unafraid to explore the darker corners of our inner-selves which is always apparent within the raw honesty of her lyrics. As a LGBT+ artist, St.Blue has had to battle against the misconceptions which surround her identity. – a strength which is now channelled through songwriting.

​​With Wonderland featuring the premiere of her most recent single Ashes, as well as being lauded as the Best In New Music by the publication, St.Blue’s journey in self-discovery is only just beginning.​​

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