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We had the pleasure of interviewing The Hails over Zoom video! ​​ ​​

“One of the best things you’ll hear all week is a track called ‘Situations’ by The Hails. If you haven’t heard of this Florida native band, then consider this to be your crash course on why you need to take notice of these guys.” – Lyrical Lemonade ​​

​​”The track opens with a soft, intertwining guitar loop, offering listeners a slightly lighter approach than previous single, ‘Sugar.’ In that review, I mentioned the band’s adaptability and range in genre, which remains evident with this one.” – Indie Shuffle ​​ ​​

“The Florida based group brings a refreshingly sweet and catchy sound with their latest track ‘Situations’, opening up a new era for the band. Despite the weird times lately, The Hails tapped into the creativity and longing to connect with their fans by creating an audio-video for ‘Situations’ via Zoom with some lucky listeners from all over the world.” – The Luna Collective ​​

​​Fatefully meeting at the University of Florida, group members Robbie Kingsley (vocals), Franco Solari (guitar and vocals), Dylan McCue (guitar), Andre Escobar (bass), and Zach Levy (drums) began their journey as The Hails. With the aid of longtime producer Matthew Lewin, the band found their voice and vision for the group’s future ventures. Pulling inspiration from music titans like The Beatles, Radiohead, and Frank Ocean, the group found themselves following their blueprint when it came to evolving their music. Covering different genres from Indie Rock to R&B, The Hails’ sound stems from the various musical influences from each band member, giving listeners a full spectrum of music choice. ​​ ​​

The band has a plan in place for steady releases throughout the coming months. Stay up to date on The Hails through InstagramTwitter, and Facebook

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