Bryce Leatherwood Releases Sweet Music Video for “The One My Daddy Found” Just in Time for Mother’s Day

Bryce Leatherwood made a name for himself when he won The Voice in season 22. Since then, the Georgia native has released three singles. His first, “The Finger” dropped in October 2023. “Neon Does” hit streaming services in February. Most recently, he released “The One My Daddy Found” in early April. Yesterday, he released the music video for his latest single.

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The song is an ode to his mother. The lyrics describe the kind of woman she is. The chorus ends with Leatherwood saying he hopes he can find a woman like the one his dad found. The video takes things a step further, following a couple from their first spark of young love to growing old together.

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In an interview with People, Leatherwood talked about the inspiration for the video as well as the writing process behind the song.

Bryce Leatherwood Talks About “The One My Daddy Found”

The inspiration behind the song is simple. Bryce Leatherwood is proud to be a mama’s boy. About his mom, he said, “She’s an angel and I just want to find one like the woman my daddy found.”

He revealed that he co-penned the song in March 2023 with Lynn Hutton and Chris Dubois. “I had just met the girl who I thought was everything in the world and she still is,” he told the publication. “Weh you get into a room to write, a lot of times you just talk about things in your life. So, when I’m writing with older fellas that may have been doing this for a while, they give me their life wisdom,” he added.

“We wrote that song in no time and it’s been one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written,” he said. “I think the songs that just come out of thin air like that are the best ones.”

Then, he talked about the music video. He said it was “based around the idea of lasting relationships.” He added, “My inspiration was my mom and dad and I’m very lucky that they’re still together. Everyone wants a love that lasts and that was the vision for my first music video.”

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