Serj Tankian Talks About System Of A Down’s Future of Touring

System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian recently spoke about the band’s future in a new interview with LiveSigning.

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In the interview, Tankian promoted his newly-released book Down With The System: A Memoir (Of Sorts). He got onto the topic of SOAD’s future in terms of touring. The singer noted that there was little charm left for the band when it came to touring. 

However, he didn’t close the book on SOAD performing live for good. Tankian did mention that he would be open to doing something in the future with the band, assuming it wouldn’t be as exhausting as a full-blown headlining tour.

“I love performing, but…” Tankian started. “I think when you do a long tour, it’s not just physically exhausting, but it’s artistically redundant after a while, repeating the same thing. That’s why we’re really enjoying doing these one-offs, they’re special events, special occasions. We can’t do them everywhere, we can’t do them all the time.”

The vocalist went on to say that he knows how performing often becomes fun again in waves, but physical problems can still get in the way. His back issues have made it very difficult to tour efficiently. However, he noted that he has been feeling quite a bit better and has been exercising to keep the pain at bay.

“As far as touring somewhere in the near future, possibly, I would say,” Tankian said in the interview. “I mean, I’m open to looking at stuff, but not thrilled about doing long tours at all, anywhere. Just one-offs, or maybe a handful of one-offs with dates in between.”

Could System Of A Down Be Done Touring For Good?

SOAD hasn’t toured much in recent years. They performed twice at Sick New World Fest in 2023 and 2024. In 2022, the band only performed a few times. An actual tour hasn’t been on the books in quite a long time. The only performance marked for this year will be a show with Deftones in San Francisco, California this August.

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Still, according to Tankian, a tour could potentially happen. Fans just shouldn’t expect a full-blown headlining trek in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled!

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