Camila Cabello Address Toxic Masculinity in Emotional Song “Boys Don’t Cry”

Camila Cabello is dedicating her latest song “Boys Don’t Cry” to all those “men in my life” who have suffered behind toxic masculinity.

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In a heartfelt post on Instagram, the singer shared a video of herself performing the song with male dancers, alongside a message to men.

“This was a really emotional one,” she wrote. “I dedicate this song to all the men in my life who have suffered behind the mask of toxic masculinity, had to “man up” & put on a performance when they really needed help or a good fuckin cry.“

She continued, “May we outgrow the conditioning that makes men feel like they can’t be whole people who experience sadness, pain, shame, & the full spectrum of human emotion. Not to quote myself but to quote myself, “It’s not stupid, It’s not drama, it’s just trauma, turned to armor.”

Can we talk about it? / It’s not stupid, it’s not drama / It’s just trauma turned to armor / Keepin’ you from me, no performin’ / If you love me, come and touch me, yeah / When I’m afraid of the world, when every part of me hurts / You don’t know how many times you’ve saved me / So why you hidin’ from me? it’s only makin’ it worse / I just want to be close, my baby / Give me your pain, I’ll take the weight off your shoulders / Don’t be afraid, fall into me, let me hold you / We weren’t made to hold back the rain from the sky / Who ever told you that boys don’t cry, boys don’t cry? she sings in the video.

Cabello recently announced that she will be joining Blake Shelton, John Legend and Gwen Stefani as the newest coach on The Voice when it returns in the Fall.

“See you this fall! #TheVoice,” Stefani wrote on a social post with Cabello.

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