Casio Privia PX-S7000 Review

Casio is a brand known to wear many hats. Of course, everybody knows their watches, calculators, and other gadgets.

But for those of us in the music space, it’s their iconic range of electronic keyboards going back to the legendary Casiotones of the 1980s that the Casio name truly evokes.

The advent of the Casiotone brought affordability and portability to the world of electronic instruments at a scale as yet unseen in the then-primitive landscape of electronic music. The original Casiotone tones blew minds in the ‘80s (they definitely have a certain retro charm by today’s standards). And the tech – that’s always been absolutely cutting-edge. And that is one thing about Casio keyboards that has not changed to this day. 

Casio’s Privia line of keyboards was launched over two decades ago with the PX-100, which introduced a realistic piano sound and feel to the brand’s wheelhouse, and over 20 years on the Privia line continues to innovate with slim and stylish digital pianos.

And now: the Casio PX-S7000. Casio’s flagship Privia offers more features, tones, and connectivity than ever. Take one look at this instrument and you can tell it’s Casio’s pride and joy. I was thrilled when they sent me one to review for American Songwriter!

The PX-S7000 represents not only industry-leading onboard tech, but it’s also a gorgeous work of design that’s a worthy centerpiece of any living room (or jam room, if you’re lucky enough to have one). And the tones are unreal; with over 400 options (including some legendary concert grand pianos from around the world), you’ve got every keyboard sound you could ever want at your fingertips.

Overview & Features

Select Specs

  • Keys: 88, Smart Hybrid Hammer Action
  • Presets: 400 x Tones
  • Effects Types: 8 x Reverb, 8 x Hall Simulator, 12 x Chorus
  • MIDI Recorder: 99 internal songs
  • Audio Recorder: 99 songs, 25 minutes per song (WAV)
  • Audio Outputs: 2 x 1/4" (main out)
  • USB: 1 x Type B, 1 x Type A
  • MIDI I/O: USB/Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth: Yes (WU-BT10 adapter included)
  • Headphones: 1 x 1/8" TRS, 1 x 1/4" TRS
  • Number of Pedals: 3-pedal unit
  • Built-in Speakers: 4 x [6.29" x 3.14"]
  • Amplifier: 4 x 8W
  • Display: Full-dot LCD with backlight
  • Power Source: AC Adapter (included), plus 8 x AA batteries (optional)
  • Weight: 32.62 lbs.

Now, I’ve already established that the PX-S7000 is quite the looker (more about that later), and boasts incredible tones to boot. But let’s take a quick look at the specs and get to the bottom of everything this piano is capable of.

You get a full set of 88 Smart Hybrid Hammer Action keys that have a really nice, natural feel to the touch thanks to their weighted hybrid wood/plastic composite construction. And these are equipped with 5 sensitivity levels, along with 10 hammer response levels, so you can dial in the exact feel you want.

The 400 onboard tones include everything you could want from a keyboard, from the aforementioned legendary concert grands, to classic electric piano and organ sounds, and many more (can you say, Orchestra Hit?). Thanks to Casio’s next-level Multi Dimensional Morphing AiR sound engine technology, these sounds come to life incredibly crisply and clearly, and I’ve been having a blast just endlessly cycling through them.

Plus, there’s a Pitch Bend Wheel for expression and bends on those guitar and synth sounds, as well as a fixed 3-pedal unit with damper (continuously variable), soft (2 levels), and sostenuto pedals to complete the authentic piano experience. Add to that over 20 reverb, hall, and chorus effects, and you can build (and store, and record) all the tone settings you could possibly need.

One of the coolest and most unique features is the mic input with onboard DSP, featuring 25 vocal effects. This feature makes it super easy to plug in and sing along without needing to set up any additional gear, perfect for gigging or just jamming out at home.

As an apartment dweller myself, the PX-S7000 is a dream. The realistic piano feel and sounds can transport you to a symphony hall or a honky tonk – just add headphones. I’m a middling keyboard player at best, but thanks to all the variable controls, I was able to dial in a setting that frankly makes me sound, well, pretty darn good. Now it’s just like I have a real piano at home. But like, a magic piano (that can do a lot more than the one I grew up playing).

Build and Hardware

The PX-S7000 combines gorgeous design and high-quality components with a compact and easy-to-assemble construction that makes it the perfect 88-key choice for apartment living and cramped studio spaces. 

The sleek chassis, at first glance, betrays little of the functionality that lies within due to its streamlined top-panel controls and tactfully placed I/Os. In fact, at first glance, I wondered whether it even had internal speakers. Boy, does it ever – the rear of the chassis is outfitted with 4 cloth-grilled speakers that, with the aid of 4 onboard 8W amplifiers, deliver a solid serving of sound. (It’s also got ¼” outs for use with an external speaker or amp, plus two headphone jacks.) And additional connectivity options abound, including USB and Bluetooth (via included adapter).

The piano rests on a set of beautiful wood-grained legs, with a mid-century modern flair that really makes this unit aesthetically stand out from the crowd. Available in black, white, or (my personal favorite) a lovely golden yellow called “Harmonious Mustard,” this work of art is sure to be a welcome addition in any music-loving home.

The stand was easy to assemble and mounting the keyboard was a breeze as well. The keyboard comes with all the tools and hardware needed to assemble, which is crucial and definitely appreciated. And the PX-S7000 even comes with a really nice, soft blanket-like dust cover that looks great on, and stores conveniently on a stand-mounted hook while not in use.


Over the years, Casio’s keyboard line has developed way beyond the scope of the original Casiotone (although today’s rebooted Casiotone line is awesome). The brand’s continued focus on combining quality with portability and style is without a doubt a huge contributing factor to the iconic status it enjoys today. 

The Privia PX-S7000 carries out this legacy with style and panache. It’s a beautiful instrument as well as a useful tool for creating the best music you can make. The whole affair resonates with quality as well as the care and passion the people at Casio put into it.

Best of all, your spouse will definitely let you keep it out in the living room, instead of under the bed with all your other music stuff.

Images courtesy of Casio

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