Charlie Puth Advises ‘Voice’ Contestants Morgan Myles and Steven McMorran Through a Miley Cyrus Hit

Charlie Puth joined The Voice on Oct. 11 to advise coach Camila Cabello’s Nashville contestants, country singers and songwriters Morgan Myles and Steven McMorran, on their rendition of Miley Cyrus’ 2013 “Wrecking Ball,” during the first full night of Battles rounds.

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In rehearsals, Puth joked that the two singers gave him leg chills, while their coach Camila Cabello, who also chose the song they would perform, wanted both to lean into singing to one another more during the performance. 

“Both of them are so experienced,” said Cabello of Myles and McMorran. “They’ve been writing and performing for a long time. They have common ground in their country roots. ‘Wrecking Ball’ is an emotional song, and I feel they’re great at belting and delivering those messages.”

Myles, 36, who released her debut album, Therapy, in 2020, earned a four-chair turn during her blind audition performance of Leonard Cohen’s 1984 classic “Hallelujah,” while McMorran, 40, who auditioned with his rendition of “Never Enough” from the 2017 musical film, The Greatest Showman, has predominantly worked as a songwriter in Nashville for 17 years, penning tracks for Tim McGraw, Celine Dion, Joe Cocker, Jimmie Allen, and Michael Bolton, among other artists.

Morgan Myles (l) and Steven McMorran (Photo: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Both remained connected to one another during the performance with McMorran matching the power of the song with his solid alto vocals and Myles shredding around the Cyrus hit with a more pop-rock slant.

“Steven, you were singing the hell out of it,” said coach Blake Shelton, who recently revealed that he will be leaving The Voice after season 23. “I mean, you really did,” added Shelton. “Nothing about that could’ve been simple, but the thing about Morgan is she’s hanging in there with you, and then she hits that Bonnie Tyler gear and you just go, ‘Whoa.’ Not only did she hit that note, but it makes her voice do that shred deal that it does.”

Gwen Stefani added, “It’s crazy how good your voices sound together. Steve, you have a lot of beautiful tones in your voice. It was very complementary to Morgan, and it’s hard to separate it because Morgan was working the fringe first of all. But, what I loved about your performance is I think even before the chorus, I thought you’d given us what you were going to give us. Then the chorus came in, and it was chilling. It was crazy. It was such a great duet.”

John Legend applauded both singers’ vocals, specifically pointing out their different tones. “Steven, yours is smooth and beautiful, and you have great range, and Morgan’s tone is like fire,” said Legend. “Morgan, you remind me of that kind of singer that has that raspiness. You sound like a recording artist that should be making records and singing at the Grammys.”

After brief feedback, coach Cabello said she was “welling up with pride” over both singers and ultimately chose Myles as the winner of the round, before using her “save” to keep McMorran in the competition.

Photo: Trae Patton/NBC

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