Jelly Roll Has Zero Hesitation About Replacing Katy Perry on ‘American Idol’

Jelly Roll has been living one big moment after another since his debut country album Whitsitt Chapel dropped last year. He has launched singles to the top of the charts, won awards, performed with legends, and so much more. If Katy Perry gets her way, he will also serve as her replacement when she leaves American Idol.

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This is Perry’s final season on American Idol. As the season finale draws near, many fans are wondering who will take her place on the judge’s panel for next season. Speaking to E! News, Perry said about Jelly Roll, “I was convinced at anything he said. He could run for president. He could be my pastor. I might go back to church for him. He could sell me anything. So, to have any of these guys plus Jelly on the show would be amazing.” Then, looking into the camera, she added, “Love you, Jelly.”

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“I want a truth-teller, that’s what I want,” she continued. “I want someone who’s not afraid to tell the truth in a graceful way. So just someone who has a strong sense of self that listens to their intuition.”

Recently, Jelly Roll spoke to hosts Gus and Kelli on Audacy’s K-FROG. During the conversation, he responded to Perry’s wish for him to replace her on the show.

Would Jelly Roll Replace Katy Perry on American Idol Given the Change?

Guy asked Jelly Roll if he would consider replacing Katy Perry on American Idol. “Of course,” he excitedly replied without hesitation. “Consider? I’ve accepted the job and they haven’t offered it,” he added, laughing.

“How cool of Katy,” he said of Perry saying he should take her spot on the show. “When we were talking backstage the other day, she tells me this just me and her and my wife. She’s like, ‘I’m telling you, you need to replace me,’” he recalled.

“I always love people who are the same way publicly that they are privately. Some people will tell you how great you are privately then won’t post your album,” he said. “For her to immediately—in the first interview she gets asked—bring me up. I’m like, ‘I love you Katy!’ But that’s just who she is. Katy is one way all the time,” he added.

Time will tell if the American Idol showrunners will follow Perry’s advice and tap Jelly Roll as the next judge.

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