Cory Wong’s Unexpected Hot Takes on Some of Music’s Greatest

Musician and podcast host Dave Barnes sat down with all-star guitarist, songwriter and producer, Cory Wong. Dave and Cory catch up about life, musical endeavors and Cory’s smoking hot takes on music. He’ll wow you with some HOT takes about Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray and much more.  

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Here’s a brief breakdown of Cory Wong’s 5 hot takes:

Hot Take 1: Whether or not they release another record, Sugar Ray might have the greatest Spotify Top Five of all-time.

Hot Take 2: Smash Mouth’s Fush Yu Mang and Astro Lounge are two of the greatest produced albums of all-time.

Hot Take 3: They might want to revisit the mix on The Doobie Brothers’ “Takin’ It to the Streets”; the bass is ridiculously loud.

Hot Take 4: Earth, Wind & Fire could’ve used another take on “September.” The trumpet and bass lines are pretty off at times.

Hot Take 5: All of Cory’s favorite guitar tones he’s ever recorded have come from going DI and using plugins, not amps.

Listen to the episode for Cory’s reasoning behind each hot take. Find out more about Dave’s 5 Hot Takes here and listen to Cory Wong’s latest music below.

Dave’s 5 Hot Takes is a new, fun and educational music podcast brought to you by American Songwriter and Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, and podcaster Dave Barnes. Follow along with each episode as Dave hosts a multitude of different artists/entertainers across all genres of music for a fresh perspective on their, Five Hot Takes!

“What is a Hot Take?” you may ask. A Hot Take is all about the music. Some are actually hot, some could lean cold, but regardless, it’s honestly all about the music. Listen along with Dave and his guest as they get into the deep questions. Whether it’s a song you’ve heard a thousand times or something that is brand new, Barnes hopes he and his guests can introduce you to a fresh perspective on music with Dave’s 5 Hot Takes!

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