Daily Discovery: “LEX LUTHOR” by TeZATalks

TeZATalks is elastic.

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The artist, who is currently on tour with Danish artist MØ, raps, sings, and destroys tracks at will. Here, we are proud to share—and premiere—her latest, “LEX LUTHOR,” which you can check out below.

The raucous song is one of many from the Pacific Northwest-based TeZATalks, who first came to songwriting through her grandfather.

“My grandfather would share his poems with me as a child,” she says. “That inspired me to start writing on my own. As I grew in my adolescence, my poetry turned into songs and from there I decided to evolve my passion through various songwriting workshops, writing camps, school, other artists, and reading.”

Today, TeZA says, she creates music that is a “fusion of my mind blended in beautiful chaos aha or a New Alternative. I love to blend my love of Electronic, Hip-hop, Metal, and Dark Pop in my music.”

In other words: she’s stretchy; elastic.

For her newest single, TeZA says, the song is an “anthem for victims of a fuck boy.” Meaning, of course, for those who have been pushed and pulled—without reason—this is the song that can bring them back to their original form. A song that can remind them: don’t stretch yourself for anyone undue.

“I found myself reminiscing on a past relationship,” she says of the song. “The experience was so bad I guess there was some left over hurt on my mind that needed to get out. I decided to write a 20 reason letter as to why I should have dumped him sooner.”

The artist says her favorite line in the track is: You snitch you went and vented like Judas. Why?

“I think its so wack when two people end things cordially and then the other runs off to everyone and their mom, including social media to spin the narrative in their favor as if our relationship was the world’s business or a special on divorce court—like shut up!” she states.

TeZA says that the song brought out a character in her that “clawed” its way out.

“You can hear it immediately in the opening chorus of the song!” the vocalist says. “As an artist I felt It was a breakthrough to a new era of music that [producer] Blakksoul and I are very excited to share. Lets just say there’s more to come!”

In the end, though, it’s all about the lesson learned and moving forward, TeZA explains.

“Pain will drive you crazy and so will love,” she offers. “But I hope this record shows that the eccentric and crazy place to which it drove me was a beautiful and creative [space]. Speaking up for yourself and being honest about how someone you’ve experienced made you feel is bold and no one should ever apologize for their truth—I most certainly will not.”

Photo courtesy TeZATalks

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