Daily Discovery: Miller Campbell is Kindly Moving on with New Single “Your Turn To Cry”

Miller Campbell never fails to find her way back to music—whether that means bouncing back after double jaw surgery or quitting jobs to pursue songwriting. The artist’s aspirations and heritage are simply too embedded in creative realms to ignore (Miller is Glen Campbell’s cousin). “I’ve always been a writer and lyricist, and am even a published academic author,” Campbell tells American Songwriter. 

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“Learning how to turn lyrics and poetry into music though is a very different skill set, and it definitely took a lot of practice and trial/error to learn,” she continued. “I was incredibly fortunate to meet some amazing artists in the Recording Academy PNW chapter and met my first songwriting mentor, Amber Sweeney, whom I’ve worked with on both my first album and my upcoming EP. She taught me so many skills in writing hooks and composing chord structures that still I use every day. I’m constantly studying songwriting techniques and doing different writing exercises to strengthen my own lyrics. I write solo mostly nowadays, and I’m really excited for people to hear the development in my music from the first album to now.”

Today (June 10), Campbell is premiering her latest single titled “Your Turn To Cry.” The track winds up with a refined lamentation and then lets loose with an assured directive. “This song is all about finding that balance between heartbreak and recovery,” Campbell said.

She continued, “In general, ‘break up’ songs in country music for women tend to have two sort of themes: You can either go the ‘Before He Cheats,’ by Carrie Underwood, type of angry ex song, or you can go for pure heartache with something like, ‘Better Man,’ By Little Big Town. I wanted to have a song that told a bit of a different heartbreak story and talked about a sense of closure. I wanted the song to say, Yes, you were heartbroken and sad, but now you have moved on and it’s their turn to go through the healing process.

“I’ve learned that you really need to take the time to feel sad and heartbroken. You don’t have to one-up someone or get revenge, or anything like that. Grieve, acknowledge the loss, and only then can you truly move forward positively,” Campbell concluded. 

“Your Turn To Cry”’s essence is supported by the sound of a blended Country and Americana ballad. Campbell has recently been inspired by Jazz and Blues greats like B.B. King and Cole Porter, who she steeped into her sonics. “There is so much to learn from diving back into musical history and I’m having so much fun incorporating some of my influences into Country Music,” Campbell explained. 

Listen to the premiere of “Your Turn To Cry” by Miller Campbell below.

Photo by Morgan Massey

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