Daily Discovery: Odessa Rose, “Hummed Low”

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ARTIST: Odessa Rose

SONG: “Hummed Low”

BIRTHDATE: 12/12/1986

BIRTHPLACE: Born at home in California.

AMBITIONS: Write songs and draw pictures every day until I die and leave something behind worth my whole life spent devoted to doing it.

TURN-OFFS: Complacency. Guns.

TURN-ONS: INGENUITY. Butter yellow El Caminos. Long, strong and tall. CRAZY livin. Surfers. Blue eyes.

DREAM GIG: A gig where Blake Mills plays guitar in my band.

TV ADDICTIONS: “Workaholics”

CELEBRITY CRUSH: Longest standing crush on Randall (Jason Paul) in Dazed and Confused.

THE BEST WAY TO GET A MAN’S ATTENTION: Walk like you own it.

5 THINGS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD OWN: Essentials, I guess… a car, one pair of sweet shoes, a frying pan, a copy of Letters to a Young Poet, the Townes van Zandt record High, Low and in Between and every record Townes has ever made.

MY NIGHTLY RITUAL BEFORE BED: Hot and cold shower. A handstand held for several minutes. A joint, if I have one.

I WROTE THIS SONG: in Colorado on a mountain, finished it in Nashville on my front stoop.


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