Daily Discovery: Raquel Cole, “Personal Truth”

ARTIST: Raquel Cole

Videos by American Songwriter

SONG: “Personal Truth”

HOMETOWN: Vernon, Canada



AMBITIONS: A world tour.. I can’t think of anything more amazing. 


I RECORDED THIS SONG [WHERE/HOW]: I flew up to Winnipeg, Canada where I spent a week recording my debut EP with producer and songwriter Chris Burke-Gaffney.

DREAM GIG: Opening for someone like Keith Urban.


“Waking up with the pouring rain
Same old sun and the sky again
Calling the doves and fighter planes
Sharing the sky like it’s nothing strange
Falling silhouette on an evening sky
A morning greedy of babies’ cry
And the same lonely night lullabies
The joy of nothing is a sweeter something
And I will hold it in my heart
I will hold it in my heart.” -Foy Vance

SONG I WISH I WROTE: “Man! I Feel Like A Woman.” [Shania Twain] Duh.

5 PEOPLE I’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE DINNER WITH:  Brene Brown, The Pope, Queen Elizabeth, Steven Speilburg, Tom Petty (RIP). 

MY FAVORITE CONCERT EXPERIENCE: Flying to Vancouver, Canada with my dad when I was 11 years old to see Bryan Adams in concert for the first time.  It was the biggest show I’d ever been to.. every single person there was singing along.  It was inspiring to say the least.

I WROTE THIS SONG BECAUSE: It was really the anthem song for my EP.  I wanted the songs on my first EP to be about what I was learning and discovering about myself and the world around me.   I believe we all are on a journey to discovering our truths for our own lives.

INSTRUMENT/GEAR I’D MOST LIKE TO OWN: Not yet a proud owner.. but my dream guitar is still a hollow-body electric Gibson or Epiphone from the 60’s… the perfect jazz/blues guitar. 

SONGWRITER I MOST ADMIRE & WHY:  I think Joni Mitchell is someone to admire. Her songs were often about the times, what was going on socially and environmentally at the time, her lyrics really made you think. 

American Songwriter says: “Cole is a dynamite vocalist, songwriter, and guitar-slinger to boot. The future’s looking bright for this fiery Canadian transplant.” 

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